Sunday 15 August 2010

One, two, threefourfive……


I caught a fish alive!!!! (and some!!)


I had a full day of quilting and stitching planned today, but the weather was sooooo beautiful, my DH decided we would go fishing!!!!

Keep in mind, this is the middle of WINTER!!!!….


Isn’t it absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S?????

And we were entertained too…..look at this little huge beauty….


This beautiful creature was just enjoying the day, swimming peacefully up and down the banks, sunning himself and floppin’ about!!!




I think he was just keeping an eye on us to make sure we didn’t take too many of his fish!!!!


As we moved up the bank, he followed us, he was a very entertaining chap!   We felt we were being watched wherever we went in the river…..


From majestic hawks to these cheeky fellows, who kept stealing our bait…..




And yes, we did get to take home quite a few fish for dinner!!!

I cant let a post go though without showing you where I am up to in my challenge with Teresa.  I did manage to get a little bit done yesterday, but not as much as I’d liked…..


Just a sneaky peak Teresa, you’ll just have to wait a little longer!!!  *cheeky wink*  I wonder where she’s up to???  Perhaps you could go and have a look here.

I hope I’ll have some more to show you in the next couple of days!!

And last night, I finished my stitching from here and here it is…..

R.Qs Christmas Stitchery CloseUp

another sneaky peak first before……

R.Qs Christmas Stitchery

…the reveal!  It still needs to be finished with borders and will be put onto a canvas frame, but I’m so glad I did this one (designed by Rosalie Quinlan extraordinaire!!!!) before the end of WINTER. *cheeky giggle*  (I just had to rub that one in!!!)

It does remind me so much of a winter wonderland in the blue Cosmo…what do you think??

Aaaah, back to reality and work tomorrow!

What did you get up to on your weekend?

Big, warm, North Queensland sugary hugs,

XXX Wendy :O)


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great fishing all your stitching, the bottom one is gorgeous....I saw Tereasa's on her blog today...nice way to encourage each other.

Tarnyia said...

Thanks for all your photo's looks like you had a great day... and your stitching is wonderful but the blue heart is beautiful xxxx

Teresa said...

Great photos Wendy... just love the turtle!!! How cool was that! I am also in love with your fabrics in the stitchery... just LOVE them. You can't have too much left to go.... and I also think your blue heart is simply beautiful. Have fun (if that's possible) at work xx

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Looks like a beautiful day to be fishing! What a display nature put on for you!