Saturday 7 August 2010

Progress Report

  Well, Saturday’s nearly over, so I just thought I’d give you a little progress report on the stitching I’ve done for Teresa’s and my weekend stitching challenge! Here’s my block 1 finished…. 010 If you’re wondering what the ‘extra bits’ are around the outside of the block….it’s a little trick I learnt from Leanne at our last retreat in Townsville. Add a border of scrap fabric to your blocks that you are hand stitching using a large stitch (I used 3.5 stitch length on the machine)  Then it makes it easier to stitch in the hoop like this…….. 009 … which is block 2 and only a few stitches from finished.  See how the extra border makes the difference and protects the edges of your block from fraying and wear????  So don’t throw out your 2-3” wide ‘bits’ that you think you’ll never have a use for….they truly come in handy….and the longer stitch length makes them really easy to remove when they’ve done their job!!  (and they’re reusable….until they’re so dog-eared their stitching life is done!) Leanne is such a clever girl…..I love retreats….I always try to pick up at least ONE useful tip that helps my habit!!! I’ll see how far I get before the sleep angel comes knocking!! sugary sweet dreams and warm hugs XXX Wendy :O)


Kylie said...

What a great tip Wendy. Your project is coming along wonderfully and it is always nice to stitch a long with a friend. xxx

Fiona said...

Well done - You must be 1/2 way? Wonder how Theresa is going with hers?

teresa said...

Looking good Wendy! I'm still deciding fabrics, thinking I might go blues and browns..... xx