Monday 30 May 2011

Kneeding healing hugs!



What can I say….when you’re down in the dumps and things just don’t seem to be going your way, where’s the best place to turn????   Quiltville in Blogland where you’ll find the most amazing Blog friends in the universe!!!!!

Look what loveliness I got in the mail today from some very special bloggy friends…..I AM STOKED BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!


And when you look closely, the blocks are all signature blocks with a special message from some very special friends….


Don’t you just love it!





You guys have just blown me away….and I can’t believe you could sneak this past me on the WWW without me knowing about it!!!!    If you could see my face…..just let me say, it looks very similar to the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland!!!!!!

 Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

I had been feeling a bit low lately because my knee’s not bending like it should, despite all the physio, and a few regrets have been going through my head; I’ve had the bronchial infection from hell which has made me not even want to sew (you know I’m really sick then!!!!) and life just seemed pear-shaped!

Well, you guys changed all that…..a super-huge monster THANK YOU to my lovely friend DAWN who sneakily organised all this and all the ladies who thought enough of me to make a block….and those who just thought of me, even if you didn’t make one!!!!!…..I LOVES YA!!!!  You are amazing and have put a bounce back in my step…….as Joy would say……You’re all just GAWJUS!!!!!  How I got by before blogging, I’ll never know…’s such a supportive community….and to think I ummm’ed and ahhhh’ed for weeks before I posted my first post!!!!   For those of you who ‘lurk’ (we love you too!) and think you couldn’t possibly have anything to share…….my advice??…….JUST DO IT!!!!  You will never regret taking the first step….I know I haven’t!

Red heartRed heart Red heart

And to let you know where I’m at…..I am heading off to hospital tomorrow for what they call a ‘manipulation under anaesthetic’…..aka forceful physio when I’m knocked out!!!!   Apparently because I’m so ‘young’ (lovely to hear someone acknowledge it at last!!!) my immune system tends to ‘reject’ the titanium implant and develops lots of scar tissue around it…this doesn’t happen so much in older people as their immune system is not so strong. (Pity I didn’t know this beforehand!!!!)  The scar tissue is also healing around all the previous surgeries I’ve had over the years and preventing the joint from moving freely so…….hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to hospital we go!!!!   It’s only an overnighter so I’ll be home again Wednesday with heaps of physio to do and lots more to share!!!

Take care my lovely bloggy friends and *mwah*Red lips, you mean the world to me!

HUGE Sugary hugs

Wendy :0)


Jessica said...

The quilt looks lovely! It sounds like it came at the right time too, just when you needed a quilty hug. I'll be thimking of you tomorrow, I hope it goes better than expected.

Jan Maree said...

What a gorgeous quilt! But not a gorgeous as the sentiment and feeling behind it! Blogland is truly wonderful. Good luck with the trip to hospital!

Joy said...

I'm chuffed to bits that you like your quilt so much .... isn't Dawnie just the sweetest angel to do that!!?! Sweet Wendy you so deserve it dear one!!! I do hope your poor knee gets better real soon .... sending 'great big sugary hugs' to you!!!
*Mwah* back atchya too!!!!!
Love, Joy :o) xxxxxxxxxx

Jeanette said...

Glad you like the quilt so much. Dawn is a sweetie for arranging it for you. Hope all goes well for you today & the nee is better soon. Hugs,

tich said...

What nice friends you have to make such a lovely quilt. Hope everything goes well for you at the hospital.

BubzRugz said...

Oh Wow.. it is lovely and I could read that you are so happy.... great friends are attracted to great people.... best wishes to get well soon....

Dawn said...

Oh DArl, your the bestest blogging buddie and so we had to make a knee rug... he he... hope all is well today...keep reading Undomestic Goddess, she'll have you laughing much more...So glad you loved it...and PS.... Happy Birthday, Sweet Sugary Hugs Dawn x x x

Narelle said...

Oh you sneaky Girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY i hope that today went well and we can here from you soon. Big Big Sugary hugs from me. xoxoxoxo
Talk soon.

Quiltin' Sandy said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Wendy, so glad you love your quilt- Dawn is a special lady indeed- all ther best for your recovery..Luv......Heather

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Bless you darling girl!!! It was such a wonderful idea of Dawn's - bless 'er heart!! Bloss and I were chuffed to make a block, and now I can't wait to see it up close on Thursday when I come to visit. Take care and know that lots of prayers are winging heavenward that this procedure gets that knee working again.
Love you heaps!!

Teresa said...

So so so glad you're happy with your little quilt. Dawn is such a sweetie to organise this and I'm very glad you got it in time for your birthday. I hope all goes well tomorrow.. I'll be thinking of you. No regrets Wendy... you will get there. Love you heaps and .....HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Vikki said...

Hello beautiful sweet Wendy!!! xxxxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!! Dawn is an absolute angel isn't she? So happy you were made to feel like the Cheshire Cat darling, it's made my day! Hope all goes well with the next round of treatment... thinking of you darling and keeping you close to my heart. Happy birthday again you young whipper snapper! (They'll be asking you for ID, next!!) Loves ya sweetie!!!!!! Vikki xoxoxo

Allie said...

It's just beautiful Wendy, I'm sad that I couldn't make a block too but you're in my prayers - the procedure sounds awful but at least you'll be asleep for [hopefully] the worst of it. My friend had this done on her shoulder while awake.
A little birdie [*G*] told us it was your birthday - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - I'm praying all goes well!

Evelene S said...

Happy Birthday Wendy! I hope all goes well with your surgery and you recover fast.

quilterfaye said...

Happy birthday Wendy,hope the manipulation is not too painful so you can enjoy your Birthday. had I known about Dawns surprise quilt for you I would have sent a block as well. The quilt is beautiful. Congratulations and well done Dawn and her team.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Wendy & Sooo Glad you Love your Quilt...Good Luck with the Surgery Hope things get Better for You Very Soon...
Take Care

Val Laird said...

Happy Birthday, Wendy ... and in spite of the hospital stay, have a GREAT day! Trust that knee starts to co-operate soon.


Marilyn said...

Happy birthday Wendy.
Hope they were not too unkind to you with your knee manipulation. Hope all goes better for you now and your knee behaves beautifully.
Birthday hugs.

Chris H said...

I understand it's your birthday today!
SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. and I hope your knee starts to feel better soon.

Marg said...

Happy birthday. Love the quilt. Just gorgeous. What happy colours. Hope all goes well with your knee. Take care.

Vicki ♥ said...

So glad you find comfort in the quilt dear Wendy :) Dawn is a special friend and I was so excited about what she wanted to do for you. :) Happy Birthday sweetie ..even tho you will be in hospital. Hugs hugs Vicki xxx

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh I am over the moon now too......yay!!!!!! I can finally comment on your lovely blog again sweetie :) \o? \o/ doing the happy dance here :) Have a great day :) Hugs Vicki xx