Wednesday 4 May 2011

Mothers’ Day Magic


The first Sunday in May is traditionally Mothers’ Day in Australia….a day where we take the time to honour, treasure and recognise the most special people in our lives.

As you know, my mum is no longer with us in body (and twenty-one years certainly has passed in a heartbeat), but is definitely here in spirit and I’m looking forward to buying a lovely bunch of flowers in remembrance, to celebrate her ‘special day’.

This year, with all this time on my hands (LOL), I’ve been thinking about how my Mum worked her magic in our family…..dishes just seemed to get ‘done’, the house was kept tidy ‘effortlessly’, delicious dinners were always (well mostly!!) ready on the table for a hungry hoard, and food just magically appeared in the cupboard/fridge/ pantry…we just opened the door and there it was!  Mum never complained about her ‘job’ as Mum to 3 sons and a daughter, despite holding down a full time job and running a family business with my father.   She was always there to cuddle and wipe away tears, provide that magic ‘spray’ that got rid of those nasty monsters that hid under our beds, she was always there with a kind word, support and love at the drop of the hat…..and there’s sooooo much more!  

Now, with all that going on in my head, I just had to design something to celebrate her, and all other mums around the world that mean just as much to their families.  So, I have designed this little stitchery for you to make into whatever you’d like for your mum…..maybe a notebook cover, a bag, tea towel, cushion….the list is endless.  You’ll notice I’ve used back stitch for the wand, and wording, satin stitch for the bursts of ‘magic’ hearts and blanket stitch for the inner heart on the wand, but you can let your creativity go wild!




If you click HERE you can download the free PDF file which gives you the line drawing.  Make sure you  click on the blue download button, then follow the instructions.  Remember to wait the 20 seconds or so downloading time before the magic appears!

I can’t wait to see what you make with yours.  Mine is destined for a sewing machine cover for ME so that it will remind me of Mum every time I sit down at the machine.  I’ve used DMC threads to pick up the colours in my Moda “Vienna Nights” by 3 Sisters charm squares, which I’ve had sitting around for a long time waiting for just the right project.  But I’ll tell you more about that soon!


Sugary hugs

Wendy :0)


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

That is so sweet!

Dawn said...

Thanks Wendy...your a gem... looks so lovely....
Hugs Dawn x x
oh you won't beleive this...the word verification was blessnee...LOL..had to edit to tell you!
hope that knee is behaving for running yet...he he

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lovely stitchery, Wendy. :)
I feel very blessed to be able to celebrate Mothers Day with my Mum, she will be 87 years young next month and very young at heart. You are so right about the time passing quickly, it is almost 29 years since I lost my lovely Dad.
Thanks for sharing the stitchery pattern with us. Hugs, Sandy.

quiltjude said...

Mothers Day is never the same without my dear mum, even though I have two beautiful girls who love to celebrate the lead up to Mothers day for me still feels a little sad.

Fee said...

It is so lovely Wendy Well Done !! Hugs - Fee XX

Teresa said...

Thanks so much's so special and it's PERFECT. Hope you're feeling better (and taking it easy!!!) xx

Allie said...

Darling Wendy - thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to your mum! She sounds like a wonderful lady, someone we could all emulate. Thank you sweetie!~

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful post Wendy and a lovely tribute to your Mum. I'm sure she would be very proud of your beautiful creative effort.

Di said...

Thanks so much Wendy. (good name that one as it is my Mum's name)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wendy for the lovely stitchery project and our wonderful blog entry.

Susanne said...

thank a lot for a beautiful pattern. Susanne B from Denmark

Kate said...

Thank you, Wendy. Kathy

RG said...

Wendy, this is a very special freebie... thankyou for taking the time.
I love the way you described your Mum... that's exactly what my Mum is like too and how I remember my growing up. :-)
Thanks for the memories xx

Karen said...

That is so wonderful and sweet. I can totally understand the magic that mother do/did. Knowing what I know now about how we lived when I was a child, I am amazed that we did so well. Just like you said "Mothers Make Magic".
Thank you.

szkornelia said...

This is so sweet!!!

And have a very fast recovery!


Quiltingranny said...

Wendy, you blessed me this morning. I try to forget my mom is gone on Mothers Day. It isn't that I don't want to remember, its that the wounds are still fresh. Thank you for making me remember what a blessing she was to many. You are beautiful!