Monday, 2 May 2011

Finally…..a post-op post!

  I was sooooo naive thinking I’d be back and with you soon after my knee replacement!  IMG_0360[1](sorry…not the best photo…but was taken the afternoon after my surgery so please excuse the bad hair, bloated toad and dazed look….I’m blaming the drugs!!!! LOL)   Having had a couple of reconstructions and numerous (too many to remember) arthroscopies over the past 30 years, I thought this would be a cinch!!!! IMG_0363[1] IMG_0375[1] Needless to say, nine days in hospital gave me plenty of time for sewing sewing and more sewing, IMG_0364[1] and eating, eating and more eating….and my goodness, hospital food IS really good!!!!!……. IMG_0365[1] IMG_0366[1] A further three weeks or so at home where I have been VERY limited…..mainly sitting in my recliner (thank goodness for recliners!!!) with my leg elevated and iced up almost 24/7, and I am just starting to find my feet (hehehe) and become more mobile!   I have tried getting online and keeping in touch but having my leg down for even ten minutes did my head in, but I’m now at nearly the five week mark and my confidence is growing day by day……I can now even stand on one leg, and doing squats, which brought intense pain prior to the op, is now pretty easy!!!!  Woo hoooooo!  DSCF2549 But unfortunately my lovely, supportive hubby has to go back to work today and I have to begin to attempt all the housework on my own again!!!! *eek*  (although I’m so thankful to be able to get about again now, I’m beginning to look forward to it….but don’t tell hubby!!!! LOL) Thank you to all who commented and sent emails prior to my surgery…..I know I haven’t yet responded and I apologise profusely…..but please know that every single one has comforted me and made me feel much more at ease.  I promise to get back to you this week!!!! --sponsored--heartplant_tc I have been very busy…..on my recliner…….sewing…….lots of hand stitching.   I have sooooo missed my sewing machine, and on the way to the bathroom, often popped in to stroke it fondly and play with some much loved fabric and peruse some magazines for future ideas (however I really SHOULD be getting to those UFO’s shouldn’t I, girls????!!!!!) I now have all my blocks stitched for Kaaren’s Raggedy Friend’s quilt….now I just have to put them together. DSCF2557  I’ve also done a stitchery that Lynette gave to me.  It’s a Bronwyn Hayes one called “Herb Garden”….just not sure what to make it into yet!  Any ideas? DSCF2555  And I’ve been trying to get my Scattered Tiles quilt blocks done.  I started this one at a workshop with Robyn Ginn, a talented Aussie designer, at our Guild last year….it was also featured in the Patchwork and Quilting  Applique Special Vol 18 No 1. DSCF2550 This break has given me the perfect opportunity to get it done as it’s lots of hand applique  which I never liked much before Vicki introduced it to me, but this is a different strategy again, and I’m loving the simplicity of it.   DSCF2551 DSCF2552 DSCF2553 Just think…..if I get the Raggedy Friends and the Scattered Tiles finished, that will be two UFO’s off my list for the Sew It’s Finished blog……it’s been such a long time since anything of mine’s been finished!!!   Yay!!!! I am back with a vengeance and have even designed a special something for you to stitch up for Mothers’ Day which I’ll blog about in the next couple of days. Look forward to catching up with everyone really soon! sugary hugs Wendy  :0)  


teresa said...

Sooooooo gooood to hear from you. I have been waiting and waiting for a post to see how it all went and I've been thinking of you xx Sounds like it went well and I'm pleased you are getting more confident and it's not hurting as much. Love all the sewing you've managed to get done. Look after yourself and take it slowly....the house cleaning CAN wait!!!! So good to hear from you Wendy xxxxx

Marilyn said...

Hey, great to hear from you and that everything is healing up nicely. Just dont overdo that housework stuff - it will wait for you for another day. Love all the stitching you have managed.
Hope all keeps getting better for you and you are soon able to bounce around with no pain at all.

Allie said...

Goodness girl - so glad you are doing so well but that picture of your knee made me queasy, lol! That's a heck of an operation! I can't believe how much hand work you've gotten done, it's all so beautiful and I LOVE the look of your applique - stunning!

Keep taking it slow and don't overdo, ok? Housework will ALWAYS be there, no rush!

Vickie said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend Wendy..I know several people who have had it done and personally I never want to go there..all the best for recovering well,love allthe work you have been doing,cheers Vickie

Vicki ♥ said...

Oohhh many Hugs to you sweet Wendy :)...your knee looks very painful and I do hope its getting better daily for you. You certainly have done lots of sewing and lots of lovely things too :) I am glad that your knee is feeling better than what it did prior to the op...thats good news sweetie :) Take care and soon you will be running around all over the place :) hehehe Hugs Vicki xxx