Monday 17 October 2011

An inspirational visit to Cardwell…

Eight months after Cyclone Yasi and who knew people were still going without….without their homes, without their roofs, without their gardens, without their basic craft goodies…….still!!!

It was heartbreaking to see the devastation Cyclone Yasi dished out on this beautiful little spot in the world and is still recovering from, and to hear the stories, particularly the story of one lady who had bought a new, long awaited sewing machine the week before the cyclone, only to have it washed away by the sea along with everything she owned. Despite stories such as these, there was no dwelling on losses, no dwelling on ‘what could be’, only positive and forward-thinking, resilient women, sharing what they love best…..I felt very inspired and right at home!

Keep these ladies from the Cardwell Patchwork and Quilters, and others in the surrounding districts, in your thoughts and prayers as the upcoming cyclone season approaches our shores.  Also if you want to send any donations for stash to the group, let me know and I will send you a contact address. All donations, I know, will be gratefully received.  

Grab a cuppa and please enjoy the scrapbook album I’ve created (using the new “My Memories” software I won from Vikki).

Sugary hugs

XOX  Wendy :O)


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy

I have some quilt tops left and some fabric I would be happy to send them up

Fiona said...

lovely to see what groups can get together and achieve...

Allie said...

It takes a very long time to recover from a hurricane...praying for these women!

Fee said...

Thanks so much for sharing the story and pics Wendy. We sometimes forget about these areas once they disappear from the news.

Hugs - Fee X

Michelle Ridgway said...

I could not sleep here in brisbane the night Yasi crossed the coast and it mus have been terrifying for those poor people and sad that they are struggling to get there lives back to some kind of normalcy.
I would love to send some patterns up Wendy if I can have an address.
Thanks for sharing there story.

Dawn said...

Oh my, we go about our business as usual after the news is over, its so sad and to know a fellow quilter or anyone for that matter is struggling still after 8 months..saddening. Praying their homes can be rebuilt in a hurry and thay can get back to some normalacy..
Many Hugs for reminding us
Dawn x x