Saturday 22 October 2011

It’s a dog’s life…

well, it is…..!!!!!

take a look at this lazy duo………..


only 4 weeks left of high school before it’s all over for ever and ever……until uni starts!!!!!….where did the time go???  It only seems like yesterday that I was in the same boat….not a care in the world….getting up at 7.30 to leave for school at 8…..aaaah, those were the days!!!

And next week will see us attending this……..


….clever little bunny certainly didn’t take after his Mum…..he’s being awarded a Level 2 Award, which means all A’s and B’s on his report card……imagine what that kid could do if he actuallystudied’!?!?!?! LOL


And poor little Ralph….little did he know, that yesterday was to be a little different to the ‘normal’ day in the life of ‘dog’.  Notice how ‘shaggy’ he had become in the first photo???  Well, no longer……020

…what a poser!!!!!   He always loves visiting his ‘groomer’ for his bi-monthly ‘do’!!!  And once he’s coiffed, he forgets he’s nearly 10 and behaves like a puppy again ….


…with his favourite toy, Mr Rabbit, who he loves to give a shake…


As you can see, that poor Mr Rabbit certainly has been well and truly loved!!!!

If you’re wondering…Ralph is our little moodle, a cross between a maltese terrier and a standard poodle.  Ralphy certainly took most of his good looks and charm from the maltese side (!!!) as we met one of his siblings a while back who had the stronger poodle strain and he had much longer legs and stood about hip-height!!!!…reminded me of Danny DeVito and Arnie in Twins!!!!…..Poor Ralphy’s like his human ‘parents’ (and Danny DeVito!)…..stumpy legs…. and bodies!!!!


I did actually have a finish this week too.  Remember the placemats I told you about here?  Well, they are finished now and ready for……?????


All yummy and done……



And I’m still making 9-patches galore for our year 7 Art project…I’m about halfway through and they’re looking scrummy too….




Definitely a work in progress……I can’t wait to add them to the children’s stitcheries!!!!


and some hand stitching too on my NPNT.


…definitely still a work in progress….a very slow one, but I’m NEARLY there!!!!!


There is a good reason why things take me so long……..I get caught up with the entertainment around here……

These little guys, not sure but I think they’re baby kingfishers, were beginning to catch their dinner.  Needless to say I spent a good half hour yesterday at least watching them fly off, bring their prey back and beat it into oblivion before swallowing it down whole and doing it all over again!!!  And they’re just soooo cute, don’t ya think???




Hope your weekend’s full to the brim of laziness, a little bit of entertainment and crafty fun too!!!

Sugary hugs

XO Wendy :O)


Jan Maree said...

Aw cute - my son would kill me if I snapped that photo! I think it is not only a dog's life but also a teenager's life around here. congrats on the award! i think teenage boys are programmed against study - at least mine are. love the placemats. Ralph looks very cool with his new "do". I have a malty-poo too but with much shorter legs and she loves her haircuts. Lucky you being able to watch the birds - just beautiful!

Allie said...

Congrats to your young man!!! Ralph is too cute...funny how a hair cut can make them feel young again. Wonder if it would work for me??

Those placemats are truly gorgeous, girl, love your stitching and patchwork too! Pretty birds. Ours are mostly brown around here, pretty plain...

Margaret said...

Growing up --- like taxes and tides it just happens, Congratulations on "the boy" mats look good too.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Wow what a have covered everything!
Congrats to your boy!
Ralph looks so cute with a new haircut! It must feel so much cooler for him too.
The placemats look great too!