Saturday 8 October 2011

Jam with me?


Each month, our Guild has a Block Lotto, where each of us make a 12 1/2” block (or two or three or…..more) under a theme and we put the names of the people who’ve contributed into a hat and draw one name out to win all the blocks.  If we have lots, we might share them out between 2 or 3 winners ….some months it’s a block with a colour theme, some months it’s a style, this month, the theme was ‘Spring’ in bright colours with a neutral background.

I thought I’d do something different to the usual when I saw this free pattern and tutorial last week on Madame Samm’s site featuring our very own Aussie, Helen Stubbings. 

Helen Stubbings

So I did the usual tracing and ironing weaveline ( a lightweight, iron-on interfacing) onto the back and then took out these…(nothing flash….no specialty pencils here!)….


and got colouring using the Colourque technique Helen is famous for!

And here is what I ended up with……







And believe me….I am NO artist…..stick figures are pretty much it for me, but I was soooo happy with how it turned out….I felt like a little kid again, and now, I don’t think I want to give it away….but….I guess I can always make another, can’t I ??!?!


Last week we went for a drive to the Strawberry Farm about an hour’s drive away and got the most delectable strawberries….the smell was just…. mm mmmmmmm…not to mention the taste!



We got 5 kilos of these beauties and after eating our fill, I hulled them and sliced them and put them in the pot….


cooked them for a while with some lemon juice and sugar and it magically turned into this…..



…the most delicious strawberry jam… tomorrow I must make some pikelets and scones and whip some cream to have with my jam!!!

Want to join me for the perfect Sunday Devonshire Tea???

Sugary Hugs

XOX  Wendy :O)


Maria said...

Oh Yes please. sounds delicious!!!

Love the way you stitched and coloured your block. I would also find it hard to giveaway.

Allie said...

I love the way your little design turned out, so sweet! I normally use crayons, but the pencils are easier - and putting the medium on is not bad either. Lots of fun, and you do feel like a kid again.
Yes, tea please - your jam looks wonderful!

Joy said...

Love your block Wendy, it turned out fabulous!!! Looks like the strawberry jam was a big success too .... YUMMMM!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Jeanette said...

Your block is gorgeous. The jam looks delicious. Love to come for morning tea. Hugs,

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Beautiful block, Wendy! :)
yummy jam, when will the scones be ready,? white with no sugar, thanks. hehe. :)

Drummer and Band said...

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Teresa said...

I just love that block. It has turned out beautifully... you CAN'T give it away... I am going to check out that tutorial too.. thank you. Those strawberries look so good I can almost taste them. I have been eyeing off the mangoes lately as well...mmmmmmm love summer fruits xx

Sharon said...

That block is so pretty! I don't blame you for wanting to keep it. Just think - the next one may be even better. :) Love strawberry jam!

Unknown said...

This is beautiful..I can see why you do not want to give it away. But you will get better each time. Yummm on your strawberry delight....Good luck to you on your future drawings