Sunday 27 November 2011

Busy, busy, busy….

It has been a busy week and a half with many things happening on the homefront, and some ‘unexpected’ ones too!

I had a lovely unexpected visit from my cousin,Barb,  whom I haven’t seen in about 4 years.  She toddled up in her little motorhome ‘Ziggy’ on her way up to Mission Beach to visit her son, who is a skydiving instructor (!!!)  and stayed for 4 wonderful days… went so fast and I really didn’t want her to go!!!!


My cuz is very bright and bubbly and the most positive person I know…….she inspires me no end!  So sad to see her leave, but I know, seeing as she’s moving up to the tropical north, I’ll get to spend far more time with her, which will be fantastic!


I’ve been so flat out trying to get the year 7 quilt progressing as there is only a couple of weeks till school finishes for the year!!! *eek*

I’ve finished all the 9 patches and found these lovely pins worked wonders at keeping the corners just perfect!



This week is going to be full on steam ahead with putting all the blocks together and sandwiching, quilting and binding…..phew, I can feel the beads of sweat forming already!!!!!


A huge parcel arrived from Illene, my Advent Swap partner this week too…..  (thanks Fee….this has been so much fun putting together the gifts….you’re a treasure!!!!! xoxoxo)


I just can’t wait until Dec 1 to start opening my pressies, one by one!!!!!



And yesterday was our Guild’s Christmas break up party…..we all went out for lunch and played lots of games with lots of prizes and lots of fun and frivolity….


The tables were set up beautifully with white linen tablecloths, a sprinkling of Christmas glitter, crackers and table decorations (which you can probably see more clearly if you click on the photo!!!).

Each member received a glass of bubbly with a special Christmas surprise….


….something small as a thank you for a wonderful year!   Some of the tags were hilarious, but oh so appropriate…..


…don’t you agree??!!

We had fancy dress….


(our treasurer, Maryann, makes a lovely Christmas Angel don’t you think???),

…and Christmas swaps….here is what I made (another finish for OPAM!! tee hee)…..


an armchair ‘friend’ …. and what I received…..a gorgeous wrist pincushion….(Thanks so much Gerry!)


There were some amazing handmade goodies and we have a few items tagged that we’d all like lessons on making in weekend workshops next year!!! *hint hint* ladies!!!


I can say, with great relief, my ‘almost’ 17 year old made it home safely from Schoolies week on Thursday!  I drove down to Airlie Beach and did the ‘Mum Run’ for a few boys and I was very impressed when I turned up to see them wiping benches and sweeping floors!!!!!!…..Now, just to work out how to get them to do it at home!!!! LOL


And I haven’t even touched on the fact that my other  ‘unexpected’ was the purchase of a new laptop (as my other one decided it didn’t like the heat)…with a little gift to go with it….but that’s another story for next time!!!!

Now, off to hit that sewing machine….that year 7 quilt won’t wait!!!!…..What????? housework????….nah, haven’t got time for that!….as the tag on one of the wineglasses said yesterday…..

“Quilting forever, housework…..whenever” !!!!!!!

Hope you’re having a very productive and fun Sunday

sugary hugs

xo Wendy :O)


Fiona said...

lots happening at your place Wendy... I love th epicture of the packet with all the pressies spilling out! how great to have all those surprises...

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been very busy

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Good luck with the year 7 quilt!
I am glad your "boy" is home safe and sound.

Fee said...

Wow you have been busy - The parcel looks delightful!! and those pins are great - I use them all of the time now and have lovely neat seams :) So what did you dress up as?

Hugs - Fee XX

Allie said...

How nice that you'll be able to see your cousin more often, family is so important! The quilt looks great, I need to find some of those pins - my corners are not known for perfection, a-hem. Lovely bundle from Illene, how hard not to start opening now, lol! Your Christmas party looks like no end of fun, love that wrist pincushion, and the armchair friend that you made!

Forget the housework - it will still be there when you're ready, lol!!!

Anne said...

It's wonderful when "busy" coincides with special visitors and "fun". Love dress up parties looks like a hoot. Hope all of your busy-ness stays fun and productive in good ways :0)

Anonymous said...

lovely post Wendy

Quiltin' Sandy said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. Wendy. You have been so busy, and I'm sure you will get the quilt done in time. :) I have a parcel pack here with Advent gifts in from my partner Michell in NZ, I haven't even been game to open it at all! LOL.
It wasn't a direct swap, as I have sent to Narelle (Rell) at Mount Garnet. I love this swap every year. brings out the little kid in us all!! Hugs, Sandy. :) Enjoy your gifties!!!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great post Wendy and you have been busy, busy.

Quiltingranny said...

One stitch at a time will get that 7 year project done!