Tuesday 8 November 2011

Where does the time go???

These past couple of weeks have just vanished, haven’t they???   Or is it just me, with a teenage son about to finish high school in two weeks????

I’ve been going through photos and trying to find just the right ones to scan into my computer for his Validictory next week and gee, reminiscing takes some time!!!!  It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 17 years since this little precious bundle was born…

1994. 1 day old

…with all his feeding and growth issues…..(wasn’t he teeny tiny?? Well, I guess his being 6 weeks premature had something to do with it!!)1994. 1week old

…and it seems like only yesterday, but he has grown in to this wonderful, caring AND towering ‘man’ who stands heads above me………students ball 2011

…whom I’m very proud of and love to bits!   (but I still can’t believe how quickly time has passed!!!!!!…where DID it go??????)

I have been very busy, doing bits and pieces here and there….




with friend’s birthdays, and Christmas coming up, there never seems enough time to get things done!!!!  (***mental note: I WILL be more organised…… next year!!! LOL)

And I’ve been working on these little treasures, trying to get them made for our year 7 Quilty Art Project with the kids at school……still trying to keep my finger on the pulse and inject a little quilty love into the next generation!!!!!


This rough design somewhat depicts what these yummy nine-patches will become…..links in the chain of friendship in the life of a year 7 child…..the plain blocks will have all their names embroidered onto them, done by each of them to be entwined in the chain with the school crest, all in the school colours of red, white and blue.


I really can’t wait to see how it turns out, but with only 4 weeks left, I really must get a wriggle on…….where DOES all the time go??????

Sugary hugs

XO Wendy :O)


Fiona said...

wouldn't it be nice if we could press the rewind button and get some of that time back? Love all your projects and congrats to your son.... so so tiny and now so growed up!! now life really starts being fun for him!

Margaret said...

Precious photos , precious memories, Yes the time just goes. Lovely looking boy , lovely post

Marilyn said...

Very precious pics of a precious life. Congratulations to your Son (and his Mum) on his final days of school.
The school quilt is progressing beautifully - but yes, time sure is moving fast.

Jan Maree said...

What a handsome boy! Hard to believe how the grow! love all the glimpses of the sewing projects. Good luck with the school project - looks like a beauty!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I was looking through my boys "first year" books on Saturday...Scary how fast time goes, although mine are only 6 and 3. It sounds like you are very proud of your young man - As you have every right to be!
The quilt for school is going to look great too!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I agree with Marilyn...such very precious photos of a wonderful young man. No wonder you are proud. Time does fly by so quickly. It really hit me when my 'baby' turned 30 and became a Dad himself all in the one year.Love your school quilt too.