Monday 14 November 2011

There was an old lady who…

……lost her glasses?????

Yep that’s me at times…..well, maybe not the ‘old’ bit so much but…..I do feel it sometimes!!!!

But my finish this weekend was a gift for a friend’s birthday….this friend ALWAYS loses her glasses, and sometimes finds them perched atop her head!!!  Ever done that before????   Me too!

So this is what I made her…..


Maybe it’ll protect them, just a little bit!

You can make your own too…..I got my pattern here….


It’s Handmade Vol 29 No 5, which features some of my most favourite designers!!! 


The original design, by Yvonne Skodt, called for a flexi frame, which I couldn’t get (well I could, online, but I couldn’t wait!), so I modified it with a magnetic closure…..still works perfectly!

We’ll see how she likes it, as I give it to her today…..a little belated but you know what they say……..!!!!!!


I also finished another of my ‘Snowhearts’ blocks…


…still has the hoop marks *oops*!!!!  I have one more of these to do to catch up then one block left (I think) before I can put it all together!


This week, work MUST continue on the year 7 quilt I’m working on with our students….after all, there IS only 4 weeks of school left!!!!…..*aaaarghhhhh*…..and with my baby at the doctors getting her feed dogs attended to, along with her FM stitch looked at……..I only hope my little baby is up to the test!!!!!

Have a wonderful week.

Sugary hugs 

xoxo :O)

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Marilyn said...

That is a cute glasses case. Think your friend will love it.
You are a bit ahead of me with the snowhearts. They are such fun to sew, I must get the next ones traced so I can work on them.
Hope your "baby" gets back to you very soon and all her bugs are sorted out.

Jan Maree said...

Cute glasses case and love the block - good luck finishing Year 7 quilt - hope you baby comes home soon

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What a wonderful gift Wendy...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very cute glasses case. A friend of mine was having a shower and thought she was going blind until she realised she still had her glasses on and they were fogging up. LOL! I'd never do anything that silly!!!!

Laura said...

Great glasses case - I'm sure she'll love it! Also love your snow hearts block - I'm several months behind and not likely to catch up until after the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Wendy what a lovely blog,i have had a wonderful visit.Love your glasses case and i can relate i am always looking for my glasses,lol.