Saturday 17 December 2011

I’m a lucky girl

Fee’s Advent Swap has made me feel very festive, at a time when I’ve been running around in circles, like a chook with it’s head cut off (sorry about the mental images!)  You see, this year, more than any other, I thought I’d be sooooo organised, seeing as I’ve had most of the year off work, recuperating from my knee replacement surgeries but……..when do things ever go to plan?

Anyhoooo, I did a little decorating this week, and a little bit of Christmas gift buying, and now I’m into the gift making (I know, I know!!) and it’s getting there…..I DID tell you I work best under pressure, didn’t I? *cheeky grin*

Keeping true to form, I’m on Santa’s naughty list because I’ve ‘forgotten’ to show you the wonderful Advent gifts I received from Illene (well, time has slipped away, hasn’t it? *eek*)

So here we go…..last week’s gorgeous surprises……

061 (Large)

062 (Large)063 (Large)064 (Large)065 (Large)

066 (Large)067 (Large)068 (Large)

You can read some more about them here, and have a look around at what lovelies other advent swappers have been getting too.

….and this week’s surprises are equally as delish……


Some yummy chockie Santas, (yep, I still have some in the fridge but *burp*, I can guarantee they’re scrummy!)


a gorgeous breast cancer pen with lots of ‘bling’, (a girl can NEVER have enough bling!!! LOL)


Illene’s on very talented lady….she sent me some handmade gift cards….just perfect!….


….a simply gorgeous beaded butterfly decoration (which is now hanging proudly on my Christmas tree)…..


A sign to remind me of what is important (I’ve relied on this a lot this year….as I do EVERY year when I think about it)….


…some truly yummy smellies….I just love lavender……


….and some lovely threads and ribbons….

What more could I ask for?  Illene, I cannot thank you enough and even though we’ve never “met”, it’s as if you know me inside out!  Thank you Illene, you’re a blessing!   And Fee is too for doing such a fantastic job organising the swap *mwah*


And isn’t that one of the most wonderful things about Blogland?  We ‘meet’ such wonderful people who touch our lives in so many beautiful ways, filling gaps that sometimes wouldn’t be filled, and who we wouldn’t ordinarily have the pleasure of ‘meeting’ in our ordinary day-to-day, run-of-the-mill things we do.  I’ve met lots of people and made a few truly special friends *wave*,and I think that’s what is so special about our little place in the WWW.  Some people hate the Web, I think it’s fantabulous….certainly changed the live of this one gal in a small town.  Can’t wait for what surprises are in store, and what wonderful things are ahead of us in 2012…..

I am one lucky gal, dont’ya think!?

Sugary hugs

xo  Wendy :O)

PS…Dont forget, Quilting Gallery’s Blog Hop Party….my giveaway is here…..ends tomorrow 10am AEST……don’t miss out! xxx


Allie said...

Ah what lovely, lovely gifts from Illene - yes you've been very spoiled, you deserve it, sweetie!! I'm so very thankful for all my cyber friends, so many kindred spirits - I don't know what I'd do without my computer, lol!

Anonymous said...

WWhat lovely gifts there Wendy and yes you are a lucky girl,i also love blogland

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sweet! What a wonderful bunch of fabulous loot! :)

Jeanette said...

All very lovely gifts Wendy. I love blogland. So many wonderful people there. :) Hugs,

Fee said...

You are lucky and we are just as lucky having you as a friend :) XXXXX Fee XXXX

Deb said...

Wendy what a lovely bundle of goodies and yes it shows what wonderful people we are lucky enough to meet through blogging. They are all so special.

Vickie said...

Oh yes Miss Wedny one very lucky girl indeedy, lots of lovlinees I see,treasure my WWW friends very muchly,cheers Vickie

Marilyn said...

Yes, Love getting to know bloggy friends - and it's even better when we do manage to meet face to face. So I have been lucky this year too. Lovely goodies there - enjoy them. (And I told you I work best under pressure too, I am making gifts and doing shopping and cooking for Christmas this week, as well as working. Busy one.)