Tuesday 13 December 2011

Rain rain come again…and a Giveaway reminder

These are a reminder that rain is on the way……

my Dove Orchids always bloom just before the rain….well, usually always!!!!!  What a beautiful way to tell me…


And considering today we have predicted 35 degree C. heat, I’m hoping the rain cools it down a bit…unlikely here in the tropics though…..usually it’s only a temporary fix and means more humidity…*yuk*  This morning when I awoke at 5am, it was already 26 degrees C and 90 percent humidity….you could see the steam rising off the ground!   My electricity bill is going to be sooooooo big this quarter!!!!  I’m going to have to start selling my stash to cover it……NOT!!!! LOL


Have you been hopping around Blogland in the Quilting Gallery’s Christmas Blog Hop Party ?

Blog Hop Party

Just a quick reminder, as for my giveaway at my ‘Partay-house’, you can win one of these…..


…just by leaving a comment with your favourite tip you’d wished you’d known when you started quilting/stitching/sewing, on my previous post, HERE.


I’ve noticed a few comments that are coming through as No-Reply Bloggers.  If you’ve commented already and you’re not sure if you’re a No-Reply Blogger, please check!?  I have the link on my sidebar explaining how to change your settings so that your comment links to an email address, otherwise I can’t reply and I can’t send you an email if you’re the lucky one drawn by Mr RNG, therefore, you can’t win!!!!  

If you’re wondering why I am so rude and haven’t replied to your comment, that will be the reason why, as I always reply to every comment (even if I’m a bit slow!!!!)

If you know this is you and you’ve commented already, please drop me an email at wbert4(at)gmail(dot)com  with a contact email address so I can include you in the draw….I’d hate for you to miss out! :(

So…get cracking……entries close on 18th December!

Sugary hugs

xo Wendy :O)


CathyC said...

what a pretty flower! Unfortunately, I didn't have any orchids flowering for me this year ;-(

beaquilter said...

ha! I had to re-read- since I'm a new follower that you are in australia! we had 35 degrees F! this morning- that's maybe a fee degrees C ( I'm from denmark, so I'm used to sort of guessing and switching between the two if I have to) lovely flowers

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

What a lovely flower!
I haven't entered your giveaway because I already have a sidewinder! Good luck to the others!

Anonymous said...

such a pretty flower

Allie said...

SEND ME SOME WARMTH! I'm so cold I can't get out of bed. Me and my quilts will be here all winter....and my nice warm laptop, lol!

tiny said...

What a beautiful flower, and send a little bit warmth to my, it is here(Netherlands ) 5 gr. and storm. Have a nice day. Tiny

essayroo.com safe said...

The region in which I live there is no possibility of orchads to bloom or survive. By seeing these wonderful flowers I cannot say how much thrilled I am. They are just beautiful.