Friday 23 December 2011

Stars of Bethlehem for very special pals

Last year I took part in Chookyblue’s Christmas swap and sent this Start of Bethlehem table runner toNoemia in Portugal. The pattern, by Karen Gledhill, can be found in Creating Country Threads Christmas Special,  Vol 11 No 3.

My good friend Jen and I had both loved the pattern and decided we’d make one for each other for Christmas 2011.

Here is the one that Jen made me….

017 (Large)

with our favourite block of the lot….

018 (Large)

and a truly personalised label…

020 (Large)

She used gorgeous fabric she bought from Fee and very special 80 year old vintage ricrac…..I do feel very special!

And here’s the one I made Jenny….



This fabric was simply perfect with all it’s glitter and gold….just like the gifts from the wise men!  I did modify the pattern slightly and instead of ricrac, I used gold ribbon and embellished it with red ‘holly berries’ (ie beads!!!)  Each stitchery worked in Cottage Garden Thread….


and wrapped in love and blessings.


She also brought some other lovelies for me…..

a moda gift bag filled with …


a fat quarter bundle of ‘Tea Garden’ by Dena Fishbein for Westminster…


a very clever pair of tweezers…..(these will come in VERY handy)…


a gorgeous notepad and pencil,


some lipbalm, scissors, buttons and scissor charm,


and some yummy threads wrapped in red dotty ribbon….my favourite!


What a way to spoil a gal!  Jen is one very special lady, that’s for sure!

The delivery guy made a special stop late that night to our doorstep too…..we thought we had trouble when there was bashing on the front door at 8pm but the courier was just delivering this special parcel from my brother who just thought of me when he saw it…..


I can’t imagine why????!!!! LOL

This chocolate port will certainly be put to good use over Christmas, I’d say!!!!  Imagine the designs I’ll come up with!!!!!


Only two more of these left before Santa sets off on his merry way….keep safe if you’re traveling and many blessings to you and yours during Christmas.

love and sugary, sweet candy-cane hugs

xo Wendy :O)


Jan Maree said...

Love the table runners - gorgeous and so lovely that you and your friend did a swap. But the port! What a riot!!! Bless your brother!!!

Diane-crewe said...

Both table runners are wonderful...what a lovely parcel of "goodies" You HAVE done well!! lol xx

retdairyqueen said...

I didnt realise you meant that Jen
Trying a new way to see if I can leave a comment Hugs

retdairyqueen said...

Wow it worked

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely runners..........nice that you got one for yourself's a great pattern.........