Saturday 21 January 2012

FNSI finishes and rear ends…

No, not that kind of rear end!!!!! 

My poor VW and I got rear ended on the way home this afternoon.  We had been at quilting and decided to do a bit of shopping before going home.  As there are roadworks on the highway down from our place and  one lane is closed while they work on the other, there are stop/go signs…..well, I was slowing down to stop but the 4WD ute/truck behind didn’t ….let’s just say I’m thankful I was far enough away from the rather large vehicles in front of me not to be the meat in the sandwich.

But still, being hit at 60-70km/hour by a 1 tonne vehicle whilst you’re slowing down and still doing about 30kms definitely isn’t fun.    I’m ok…..whiplashed but fine…..I’ve been checked over at the hospital and they say I will be very sore and sorry tomorrow and probably for the rest of the week, but the guy driving the other vehicle was fully covered by his insurance so for that I’m pleased!

However, I bet my poor VW isn’t too pleased….


My shopping???  Well, some of it flew out of the back window onto the road and most had to go into the bin as it was covered in fine glass shards and we just couldn’t risk it.

The other guy????   He’s fine…..he cut his hand from retrieving glass from the road and his poor dog that was travelling in the back learned how to fly….he’s ok though too……

His car????  Not a scratch, dent or mark.  It had a full steel bull bar…..not even the number plate was marked!!!!!

My hubby pointed out that it was lucky I only took hand stitching to quilting today and not the sewing machine as it would have been in the boot!!!!                                                    Ever the optimist, my hubby!!!!  Gotta love him!

And it’s true when they say most car accidents happen within 1km from home!


But on the positive side………

I had 3 finishes on my very first Friday Night Sew In that are also gifties for my Christmas Through the Year box too. (However one changed teams and became a birthday gifty for a special friend!)

I made 3 spice trivets or heat bags, whichever you prefer!   I actually made them as spice trivets for my MIL as, being Italian, we often have the most amazing meals with pots of wonderful foods brought to the table to share.  These spice trivets keep the heat from damaging the table and as they’re infused with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, you can imagine the scent that permeates the air when a hot pot sits on them!!!! mmm mmmmmmmm!!!

yummy fabric choices…..002 (Medium)

before they’re filled…..006 (Medium)

filling with the magic herbs and spices (LOL)…..007 (Medium)

pinned up and ready to go….010 (Medium)

022 (Medium)

023 (Medium)

So quick and easy…a great gift idea! 

Well, I’m off to bed with the hot pack….I can feel muscles I never knew I had!

Sugary hugs

xo Wendy :O)


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

oh no. hope you are not stiff and sore in the morning. Some lovely finishes there.

Diane H said...

So glad to hear your going to be alright. Take care, Wendy. Love the spice bags - not seen them before!

Marilyn said...

So pleased you escaped without injury, and the other guy and his dog are ok. Your poor car though !!! And yes it could have been so much worse if you had your machine damaged as well.
Your spice bags look great.
Take care, and rest up when you need to.
Hugs xx.

Lisa Cox said...

So glad you weren't seriously injured. Take it easy and let your muscles heal.
I love the spice bags. Such a great idea. I'd never heard of doing that before.

Maria said...

Oh No Wendy, hope you are not too sore in the morning.
Dh was right about the hand sewing but I guess you would have had a new machine if it was damaged???
Love your finishes. Yes the trivits do smell gorgeous I am lucky enough to have one.

sunny said...

I'm glad you're okay! Poor VW though. I would turn in the receipts for whatever you had to trash to the insurance for reimbursement.

Diane-crewe said...

a car is just a lump of metal... as your picture least you are in one piece xx keep moving and you will feel better soon. The worst bit is when you stiffen up!!

Gwen said...

I feel your pain--- literally! I was rear-ended quite a few years ago-- dented in the back of my van pretty bad... I had whiplash too, and was SO sore for a few days, but thankfully, okay otherwise.. Thank goodness that no one was seriously injured in your accident! BTW, a hot, soaking bath helps with the soreness. :-)

Teresa said...

I am so glad to hear that you're okay Wendy... and I hope you don't feel bruised and sore too much. Your poor car... you can see how hard he hit you. I love your finishes your little hot pads.. I made some a couple of years ago and they work a treat.. can't stop thinking about you though.. look after yourself and take it easy xx

Marlene said...

Glad you are not badly injured. Take care. Love your trivets, and what great fabrics you have used.

tink's mom said...

Here from FNSI. Very sorry to read of your accident. Poor you and poor car. Great sign that you were able to write about it and that you were able to get back to sewing immediately. Hope the aches don't last too long.

Anonymous said...

great finishes for FNSI WEndy.
So sorry to hear of your accident,but i am glad you are okay, poor car looks a bit worse for wear.xx

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Wendy, I hope you aren't too sore today. Sounds like a lucky escape, thank goodness you weren't so close the the ones in front. ((()))
Well done with your finishes, love the trivets for the food dishes- especially the obe with the mugs and saucers- it is cute. :)

barb's creations said...

So glad to hear you're ok,a car can be replaced but you not so easily! Hope you're feeling better real soon and your car fixed up,at least the driver that hit you was insured so shouldn't be too much of a hassel getting your car done up.
I love the trivets,is there a pattern I can look for to try making them,they're a great idea (((HUGS))):) Barb.

CathyC said...

Ouch! your poor car ;-(
Hope getting it repaired doesn't cause more pain ;-)
love the spice trivets ;-)

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Oh no! Is his insurance paying for your shopping too? I hope you don't feel too sore today.
BTW. what is the filling for thise trivets?

Tarnyia said...

So glad you will only be sore and not seriously injured... I agree with hubby ''lucky your machine wasn't in the car'' xxxx

Fiona said...

glad you are ok wendy but you must have got a horrible fright.... poor car too... these 'big' cars can be pretty scary!!! love your bags - what a fantastic idea with all the scents inside....

PDTE said...

Oh Wendy. I am so glad to hear you are okay. I guess the sore muscles will mean more hand sewing for you this week.

I think your hubby is right about the sewing machine though.

And great idea about your trivet. I have made trivets like this for a few years but never thought to use them as a heat pack. i will have to try it out.


Jan Maree said...

So glad to hear that you are okay relatively speaking - sorry to hear that you are going to have a few days of soreness and stiffness to live with. All the best for a speedy recovery.

retdairyqueen said...

Thank goodness you are ok
Cars can be replaced
Love the trivets
I did wonder if you were Italian
Will have to discuss that more when you are well
Take care

Arlene White said...

Oh Buddy, I was away all weekend and didn't see you post til today. I'm pleased to hear your OK. Those guys in those big Ute thingy just don't slow down at roadworks, I've had a close call too near that spot on our way to the Coast before Xmas.

Your stitching is great, what a great idea to add the herbs and spices, was that originally the Colonel's idea??? ..... Glad your on the mend buddy.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

I'm glad your okay. Nice finishes - thanks for sharing the pattern/tutorial