Monday 16 January 2012

Saw your light on…thought I’d drop in…..



I know, I know.   I had planned to have my binding done on Saturday, but with the inclement weather, a friend of ours had to make a very unexpected but delightful, visit.  His poor ol’ plane was getting buffeted by the winds and rain and it wasn’t safe for him to continue his travels north, so he stopped over for a sleepover!  He and hubby had a grand old yack til the early hours and the next day it was off to the aerodrome to wave goodbye…..


We were worried, because the clouds were thick and dark,


but he got home safely, ready for work today!

Which gave me time to make a coffee…..put on a movie (I love Mr Popper’s Penguins!!!)……

  ……and bind!!!… So many of you said how much you love binding…well, I’m with you…..I love to stitch it on and see it finally finished!!!!…and this is one that’s taken a while.  It was started in March, 2010 at a workshop which I told you about here and here.

And finally, here she is…perty in pink…..




…even Ralph wants to get in on the act!


Number 1 down for 2012……now, to check my list and ‘delve’  for another to attack!

sugary hugs

xo Wendy :O)


Jan Maree said...

it is those unexpected visitors that are often the best - love the quilt too! Great weather for quilting!

Diane-crewe said...

that sky looks ominous!! Isn't it a great feeling to have finished a project esp. that has been on the go for a while xx

Allie said...

Well gee, what a fun way to get an unexpected visitor, lol! So glad he got home ok. Your quilt is GORGEOUS, dear girl, woohoo!!!

retdairyqueen said...

Another lovely project finished
Nice to have friends drop in

Larissa said...

A VERY pretty finish Wendy!! ... What a lovely chance for your hubby to catch up!! It's always nice to have visitors in my book!!!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Your friend is brave flying off into those clouds!
I haven't seen Mr Poppers Penguins yet but I am looking forward to seeing it soon!
The pink binding looks great, love it!

Quiltingranny said...

How fun to have a friend just pop in for a late night chat! Love the binding my lady, it is beautiful!

sunny said...

How nice of you to provide safe haven for your friend! Congrats on the very pretty finish.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Love the quilt, Wendy. I enjoy handsewing the binding too.

PDTE said...

Oh Wendy, how exciting a finish, but also a Robyn Ginn. She is coming to Roma to tutor this quilt in March 2012. We are really excited. I will add your quilt to my inspiration file.