Thursday, 19 January 2012

there’s sanity in stitching

Whew, what a ride this week!…. Monday… to school to notify them I’m not returning to work for another 6 months minimum;  washing; folding; packing suitcase with son for his trip  10 day holiday to Canada; contacting local university to sort out subject choices for said son (yep, he got into a double law/psychology degree); catching up with a friend for coffee; catching up with bloggy emails;cleaning; cooking dinner; sending parcels to bloggy friends; getting the mail; getting schoolwork organised for teaching stand-in; numerous phone calls,  some stitching in the evening just to regain sanity! Tuesday… to Townsville (an hour’s drive away) for a car service…..most of the day spent waiting…..waiting…..waiting……and more waiting…                                               some more stitching in the evening just to maintain sanity! Wednesday…off to Townsville again, early, to get son on the plane to Brisbane to link with the plane tomorrow to Canada; drove home to gather packing materials for school belongings; collect mail from post office; drive to school; starting packing the 20years of teaching supplies I’ve collected *eek*; physio appointment (my neck and back muscles had definitely tensed up by now!); home to cook dinner; shower and flopped into bed, exhausted by 7.30pm……need some sanity but just can’t……… Thursday… again; monitored the phone for text message saying son was boarding plane;  professional development till 1.15; back to classroom to pack some more; bought cockroach ‘bomb’ to make school storeroom safe to store my 20-odd boxes; wheeled 5 full wheely (garbage) bins out of my classroom; went shopping for essentials – cat food, dog food, fruit, milk, loo paper (yep, that’s what it’s doing to me!); home at 7pm to heat leftovers for dinner; wash dishes; shower, blog and about to go to bed!….really needing sanity stitching!!!!! And I wonder where the days go sometimes??!!!!  Do you have that same problem???? Anyway, being without my sanity leveller is just sooo not healthy, so tomorrow night I’ve locked in my very first Friday Night Sew In.        Details are on my sidebar if you haven’t heard of it before……will you come and join me???? Handmade by Heidi I thought I might even tie my stitching into this….. christmasthroughtheyearbutton and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak! (Although I thought these little birdies were going to do just that to this little bossy one the other day outside my house!!!  Amazing how noisy one little cheeper can be!!!) 004 I think tomorrow night will be just the thing to wind down after a whirlwind of a week…..and gather my equilibrium………whaddya think? See you tomorrow night! *wink* Sugary hugs XO Wendy :O)

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Quiltin' Sandy said...

What a full on week. never mind, it will soon settle down a bit, the days still go by fast but you will be doing all the things you enjoy most. Have fun!!! Sandy. xx