Tuesday 9 October 2012

Exercise doesn’t kill you..makes you stronger!


This (Urban Cowgirl Jelly Roll – Moda Fabrics)…..

030 (Medium)

turned to this….

033 (Medium)

in less than 2 hours????

034 (Medium)

You better believe it!

Nothing like some exercise to soothe the soul they say….

wanna try???


Jenny from Missouri Quilts


the original jelly roll race

Pat offered out the challenge and I needed the exercise and even with a dodgy knee, I managed to complete it last night by 8.30pm (non daylight savings up here in Queensland!!!)  They say you can do it in less than an hour……well…..I’m STILL using my dodgy knee as an excuse as it took me about 2 hours but DH just couldn’t believe it and it was sooo much fun!

Can’t wait to try it out with the guild ladies!

What about you??

Sugary hugs :O)



Diane-crewe said...

happy to watch someone else do it !! lol x

Jeanette said...

Your top looks great. Like the above comment - happy to watch someone else do it. :) Hugs

Anonymous said...

wow it looks great Wendy and its so quick.xx

Anthea said...

Looks Fantastic Wendy, well done... I will show my ignorance of such terms here, but what is the significance of the '1600' number?

Maria said...

Fabulous Race, love your top and I think it better way to exercise than Zumba.
That's where I am off to now....

Dawn said...

Sweet...looks great x x x

Cheryll said...

I have THAT fabric except in square form...ummm wonder how I can exercise with it???
Such a FUN post...thanks! :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You did well and the quilt looks amazing Wendy...x