Wednesday 17 October 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like……


Christmas….don’t you think??

I was surprised to see all the decorations and Christmas paraphernalia in the supermarkets and shops already!!!!

But then, it IS only 68 days till Christmas!!!!


So I thought I’d better get a wriggle on…

Thank you Rosalie for this wonderful little book you’ve produced just in time to save me!

038 (Medium)

This was one of my wonderful purchases at the Craft and Sewing Expo in Townsville a couple of weeks ago.

I managed to stitch up the first of my Christmas gifties this afternoon and just have to put it together…..OOOOhh OPAM, fingers crossed, I’m going to be hooting through with a number of finishes this month and next!!!!   wheeeeee!!!!!!

037 (Medium)

I did have an excuse though…..we were getting our solar panels installed and the power kept getting turned off!

035 (Medium)

And I’ve even managed to start my Christmas purchases…..

this one’s for me….

029 (Medium)

A quilt stand I managed to find for $10 at the op shop.  Well, it’s true… does begin at home, doesn’t it???  hee hee.

Have you started your Christmas stitching yet???

Sugary hugs xox  :O)



Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely stitching and I love your self purchased Chrissy present.

Maria said...

Yep charity does begin at home..LOL
How lucky to score such a great buy.

Yes I have started my Christmas sewing as some needs to go in the post by the end of Nov.

Great book too.

Diane-crewe said...

shops here have some Christmas "stuff" but not too much... it is mostly halloween and bonfire night "stuff" xx no dought it will all EXPLODE atre them xx

Anthea said...

Hi Wendy, well SNAP, i just finished stitching that exact same design last night! Yours looks gorgeous done on red like that, well done. My Mum bought me that book, so many great designs & ideas in it, isn't there?!
Love the quilt stand, showing off your wonderful creations! x

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gorgeous stitching Wendy..what a find with the stand, gorgeous quilt hanging on there..

Anonymous said...

i have that little book also but i havent made anything out of it yet,love your stitchery,well done and wow what a buy,lucky you.xx

Sisbabestitches said...

You have made a great start to Christmas-ness. And at least now the panels are installed the power will only go off if someone turns off the sun!