Saturday 26 January 2013

Australia Day Gifts that we’ll just keep on giving….all year long!

Happy Australia Day!


A day to celebrate all that’s Aussie……the barbie (translated into northern hemisphere language….the barbeque or grill), snags (sausages), tomato sauce(ketchup), prawns (shrimp), the beach, zinc, cricket, helping out a mate (friend or acquaintance)……and heaps of other  Aussie traditions…..


Dawn and I thought we’d be truly Aussie and share our Aussie B.O.M. with you this year, one that we shared last year with our Sew It’s Finished ‘finishers’ and one that we want to share with you all year round.  So those Sew It’s Finishers who never quite got all the blocks, you’ll have the chance to collect them all this year!

seasons of BOM button

Our B.O.M. is called ‘Seasons Of…” and represents all things Aussie, month by month, so you’ll get a snapshot each month of something that’s truly Aussie and representative of that month in Australia…..soooo no snow at Christmastime here……we’re going to start the year at the beach….truly Aussie!

Each month, Dawn or I will create a block based around the seasons in Australia and this month is my month so, of course, January is all about Summer and the beach....something that’s a very January thing to do here, Downunder! You will get two patterns, one stitchery and the other appliqué , so whatever it is you are into, we hope you like them.

Each stitchery block (finished) is 8 inch square and each appliqué block is a little bigger at 10 inches square (finished).  You need two charm packs and a background fabric….. If you choose to make the stitchery version, it should finish as a wall hanging/table topper or small lap quilt at about 34” x 42”. The finished appliqué version will be a bit bigger at about 45” x 55”......these are only approximate though as the finished design is still in the making but it will give you a bit of an idea! Finishing off instructions will be given with the last block in December.

006 (Medium)

007 (Medium)

Here’s the ‘almost’- finished version of the stitchery one….

011 (Medium)

Hope you’re going to join us each month…..we’ll post a new block on the 10th of each month and because Dawn and I both had a hand in designing the blocks, we’ll share the giving, starting this month on my blog, next month on Dawn’s and so on, alternating every month….but don’t worry if you forget, we’ll remind you!  Grab the button and pop it on your sidebar as a reminder, and to let others know to join in on the fun.  And you can share your photos of your progress on our Flickr page too

Ready to start???  Click on the link HERE to get your first stitchery block instructions and HERE for the applique version.

Let us know if you’re joining along with us and we’ll link your blog in our sidebars, under the button, so we can all see your progress and encourage you along the way.

Happy Australia Day and look out for Dawn’s block for February on her blog next month on the 10th.

Sugary hugs



Sisbabestitches said...

Happy Australia Day! This is so brilliant Wendy, I am so in! Of course I 'need' a stitchery bom for this year, and to do an Aussie one - ripper!!! Thanks so much to you and Dawn :)

Jenny's Place Online said...

Thank you for such a lovely design :) Happy Australia Day! I look forward to mentioning your BOM on my blog. Many thanks, and happy crafting, Jenny

Larissa said...

This looks *gorgeous* Wendy - I'm sooo NOT believing the 'virgin' designer comment you made the other month to me now!!! I'd say, you are a very good designer!! :) I'm thinking I'll definitely want to join in with this BOM! Looking forward to seeing the designs to come :) Hugs!

Joy McD said...

Wow, this is soooo cool!!! Thank you so much! xxx

Noela said...

Thank you for your lovely BOM block. Have downloaded both versions as not sure which one to do. Happy Australia Day. Hugs....

De said...

How lovely! I will add it to my list! (not that I have a list or anything!)

Denise SA said...

Thank you for the lovely blocks

Rosie said...

Happy Australia Day! I simply love the colours you have chosen for your quilt. They are my favourite.

Wendyb said...

Thanks do a lot for a person's ego!!!! *grin*
Thanks Denise SA....I'm glad you like them.....couldn't reply any other way as youre showing up as a no reply blogger :( If you want to change that, I've got directions on my sidebar!
xox sugary hugs

Quilt Doodle Designs said...

Your BOM is lovely! Happy Australia Day!

Anthea said...

Hi Wendy I am already 'signed on' to SIF, so if you could link to my blog on the SIF sidebar that would be great.
Well done on starting the framed hexy's they look lovely... x