Tuesday 8 January 2013

Some birthday stash love

I know it seems I’ve been missing in action, but to tell you the truth, I’ve been head down, tail up working at getting my stash up and running!!!  

….aside from the fact my camera’s batteries went flat and every time I went to the shops, I forgot to get some!!!!!    However, that little mishap has been rectified now and I’m up and running again….soooooooooooo, to show you what I’ve been up to…..

four more blocks for the Sandy Quilt Block Drive stitched up and ready to go today….

003 (Medium)008 (Medium)

3 hot-pads for the birthday stash box…

013 (Medium)


011 (Medium)


010 (Medium)


012 (Medium)

and a quilt that qualifies for the birthday-love stash aaaaaand…..

018 (Medium)

a UFO finish for our 2013 Sew it’s Finished group…

SIF button 2013

which you can find more out about HERE…..

019 (Medium)020 (Medium)

d’awwwww,  aren’t these puppies soooo cute????

021 (Medium)022 (Medium)023 (Medium)024 (Medium)

This was a flimsy I picked up at my local Lifeline store last year and it’s been sitting there waiting for a ‘friend’.  It was my boss’s 50th birthday over the weekend, and she’s a fanatical dog-lover, so this li’l flimsy found a pal!!!!   All it needed was a border, sandwiching, quilting and binding and shazzaaaam! Done!  

This one has already left the Birthday-Love stash box and it was very satisfying knowing I had it there ready!!!! (and the boss was over the moon too!…..noice!!!)


Speaking of Birthday-Love Stash boxes….have you organised one yet?

I just found a pretty storage box from the cheap store for a couple of dollars, put a label on it

034 (Medium)

…and now my ‘stash’ has a temporary home until each gift finds its way to its ‘owner’!

033 (Medium)

I’ve organised my calendar too….have you???? I picked up a pretty diary……


and added my birthdays to each month….it was very comforting knowing I had everything 035 (Medium)organised (knowing the terribly disorganised person I normally am!) and I could actually plan ‘ahead’ for a change! ….even better knowing there weren’t many birthdays in January and I could get myself ahead!!!! *phew*

036 (Medium) 

It’s not too late to sign up for January’s Birthday-Love Stash……Sign up using Mr Widget HERE ,  stitch some love, write about it in your blog and we’ll all come visiting you via your Mr Widget link in the week before the last weekend in the month (yep, I know I’ve changed it again, but it’s an idea that keeps evolving in my head….scary thought!!!…..but I thought that might be easier!!!).  On that LAST WEEKEND in the month, I’ll randomly choose someone to receive a little ‘birthday-love’ creative assistance.  This month it’s going to be this gorgeous charm pack….

037 (Medium) 

Wouldn’t that help to make some beautiful additions to your Stash!!!???

Looking forward to seeing your creations….I’m off to make a birthday cake for hubby’s birthday today!

sugary hugs xox   :O)



Anonymous said...

boy you have been busy Wendy,well done.xx

Joy McD said...

The hexie hotpads are so cute! Did you get the pattern online? Can I join up for the birthday love without having specific birthdays in mind? I just want to build up a gift box....
Joy xxx

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your hot pads....so cute. Lovely puppy quilt.

Simone Harding said...

Love your hot pads. Fabulous idea. So pleased you have finished a quilt in time for a birthday.

Anthea said...

Wendy you are getting a good start for the Stash. Yes I have a box and my diary is all marked up. Now I just need to find time to make a few things, which is hard when the kids are on hols! x

Fiona said...

Just seen the puppy one on SIF.... it's lovely ... I just love your hexie mats with the little stitcheries .. great start to the love stash and a great idea to get a special box for them...

Allie said...

Happy Birthday to hubby! Oh Wendy thank you for making blocks for the SQBD, what a sweetie you are. I love those hot pads, where did you get the teapot design? I love it. The puppy quilt is just darling, perfect for a dog-lover!

Becky J. said...

thanks for stopping by! you are one busy woman.... love the hexi hot pads. and the embroidery in the middle-- muah!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Woo hoo! You have been super busy girlfriend! Loooooove those hexies. So much fun. Love the doggie quilt too.

Sisbabestitches said...

Wow starting this Stash project has launched you into a super organised birthday present stasher! Love the hot pad idea and design, great quilt for a dog lover.
Next thing we know you will have pressies in there ready for next year :)

Valspierssews said...

You have lots to show. I love the birthday box idea but I can't commit to anything else just yet.

Karen said...

Thank you for stopping my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I hope you do have a granddaughter in your future! You sure have been busy in the sewing room! I feel very lax this week as I haven't done anything but hand work since last Sunday. I love your hexie hot pads. Is there a pattern for those? I adore the little embroideries, especially the teapot!