Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nearly Birthday-Love Stash Giveaway time

…and where has this week gone???? it seemed to be Sunday just yesterday and today it is already Thursday and the clock is ticking away!!!! I have managed to get a few things done, but not too much finishing!….
  • some sketching of new designs…..021 (Medium)
  • working on some new designs…..
011 (Medium) ..until I ran out of the fabric I needed and had to order some more!!!! (I never seem to have the right fabric in my stash…do you???)
  • Organising and sorting my UFO’s ….hopefully this will encourage me to get more of them finished and onto THIS blog
005 (Medium)006 (Medium)007 (Medium)008 (Medium)
  • starting on my North Pole QAL…..but I’ve already made a booboo……..what is it they say about measure twice….??????  duh?!!!!!!
013 (Medium) and……
  • getting some fabric ready for my next birthday-love present for the stash
009 (Medium) 010 (Medium) Speaking of which…’s your stash going????? I’m coming for a visit tomorrow to see what you’ve been up to and to pop names into Mr RNG for a prize draw on the weekend.  I hope you’ve been visiting each other this week to encourage and get inspiration from each other?  I’ve got some links for great ideas for next month for you too but they’ll be posted next week, after the draw on Sunday! Now,, seeing as it’s so hot…. air con on…..check……. sewing machine on…..check…… hope to show you a finish soon!!!! sugary hugs Signature


Anthea said...

Wendy I've not had time for a make for the Birthday Stash for this month, but I have some great projects planned for the next couple of months... x

Mommarock said...

I never know how to be sure there will be enough fabric to make a quilt before I start to I always fear I won't have enough of a fabric in my stash to make a quilt. Is there a magic way to calculate? I would love to know. I just have the fabric that is in my stash to work with so there is no going out to buy more of a fabric to finish. I have to work with what I have.. It would be a major catastrophe if I ran out before a finish.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Go girl....I have made a few thread catches...