Monday 8 February 2010

Another Finish!

....and before the end of the month too!!!!  Woohoooo!   Well actually, it was nearly finished at the end of last year.  All I had to do was decide on a quilting design and bind it but the Joseph's Star is finished!

It does feel soooo good when you finally finish something that’s been on the agenda for a long time! Here’s the back to show you the quilting design. I decided to stick with the star theme and using variegated cotton, I followed the angles of the star and extended it from the centre to the edge.

I always find that this part is where I come unstuck as most patterns say “quilt as desired”. Why do they think I bought a pattern???? I’m not the creative one!!!! I need some help! Well I did surprise myself, just took some time for the quilt to ‘speak to me’ but, when it did, it was all systems go.

This is the project I’m currently working on and to be truthful and honest, it is one that should have been finished a long time ago. I began this mystery quilt from a pattern in three consecutive issues of Patchwork and Quilting in 2005! What with getting remarried, being seconded to an acting position for a year, and moving house three times, I guess it’s no wonder it took so long. But like other things on my plate, I always say I’ll get around to it “one day”….well that day has come. I’ve looked at this half finished WIP and relegated it to the ‘too hard basket’ thinking it would take too long to work out where I was up to, but this biggest procrastinator of all time, only took about 10 minutes to figure it out……I don’t know what all the fuss was about!!!

Do you do that too, or am I the only one??

Although I do know what it will look like when it’s finished, I didn’t when I purchased the fabrics oh, so long ago and believe it or not, I am still happy with my choice of colours….pink, sage and cream are timeless!  It's just you who'll  have to wait to see how it turns out!

As you know, Nick, my son, has chosen to go and live with his Dad and it was a very heart-wrenching time for me being my only ‘baby’ but……he’s doing well, and I can see through the clouds now. Like most of you said, I’d learn to enjoy it, and he is getting more opportunities where he is than what he would get here in our little country town! But I don't feel quite ready to be 'childless' so, guess who’s getting most of my attention now?????

My lucky moodle, Ralph…..and is he complaining????? Errrrrrrrrrr, nup!   
Here he is, in the car, on my lap, taking in the air con and the scenery on our weekend down to the beach at Bowen.   Is he spoilt or what????? According to my husband.....errrrrrr, yep!

I just wanted to share with you what I picked up, by chance, at our local supermarket while doing the weekly grocery shopping.....

A siamese grape!  How odd!

I never knew it was there until I got home and took them out of the bag to wash before storing in the fridge.  I just had to share it!  Have you ever found a 'one-in-a-million' item by chance when shopping before???  I'd love to hear what it was!   By the way, unfortunately this grape/grapes succombed to a very untimely death......but boy, were they yummy! [snigger snigger!!!]

Have a great week
Sugary hugs

Wendy :O)


Jessica said...

Did you notice how the Joseph star matches your header! The colours look like a reflection!
Your new baby is beautiful, if he is a pup you are going to have your hands full soon!
Nothing can make you laugh like weird fruit LOL!

Barb said...

Your quilt is amazing......

Joy said...

Wendy your quilt is just GAWJUS ... so clever you are :o)!!! Your moodle is looking pretty comfy there on your lap too he he he.
Is it me or does that grape look like a bottom LOL???? What a fun find :o).
Joy :o)

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There was a time when I used to be creative too lol. Anyways, this Star looks wonderful. Loved the color combination you chose.

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