Thursday 18 February 2010

Be careful what you wish for!

It's always nice to have a week off work but this week was very unexpected and not pleasant!!
Waking up on Monday I decided to stretch heartily, and managed to cramp up every muscle in my neck which rendered me useless....I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow! My poor dear husband took me to the hospital (I wouldn't let him call an embarrassing!!) which ended up in painkillers, heatpacks and rest for the week.  I couldn't do much for the first few days but I am starting to get a little more mobile (in short bursts) now.
I'm always saying it would be nice to have a week off work, but.......

Hopefully I will be well enough for our guild's mystery quilt day (and night) on Saturday.  It sounds like so much fun....we have been given some instructions which sounded very cryptic/intriguing at first (and still do!!) but after cutting into "Tessie"(the quiet but not dull type), "winnie" (the dark horse),"umsie" (here I am!!)  and others and putting them in bags labelled 'the lift', 'the giftshop', 'the beach', 'the cafe', and 'the rooftop' and 'bar', it's all starting to sound like we're going to have a ball with our cocktails at The Resort (our parish hall)!!!!
I've stuck with the beachy colours, notice my lemony lime cocktail....can't wait to see what it turns into!!

I've been working on my other mystery quilt and the colours are quite different to that one....

Hopefully another February Finish for OPAM!

We've had some wild weather and plenty of rain this past week.  With that, we've had some unusual visitors in our backyard.....

Our mango tree seemed to be a safe haven for all types of wildlife....a swarm of bees and a family of tawny frog-mouthed owls.  Now, it's interesting to note here, that our backyard is a regular suburban house block....probably larger than city blocks but not by much I'd say!
However, I didn't manage to get a photo of the snake that dangled above me as I was checking out our custard apples.....couldn't see me for mud!!!!  I do believe it was only a yellowy green tree snake.....I didn't care...I was outa there!!

I have been missing a little bit on the blogging front but only because I'm having so much trouble with my internet.  I've updated Internet Explorer and Virus Protection and now it wont let me open any hyperlinks within a page so when I go to comment on your blog, it sends me to a spinning circle (I know how it feels!!!)......veeeeeery frustrating!  Computer man is coming today, hopefully....probably just a simple setting but....ggggggggrrrrrrrrrr!
Please know I've been following you all and I apologise for the lack of comments.....hopefully I'll be back real soon!

Soreness is starting to creep in, so I'm going to leave it at that for now.  Have a lovely, creative day.
sugary hugs,

Wendy :O)


Joy said...

Oh Wendy you poor thing!! You're really in the wars .... sending great big (but very gentle) Sugary hugs right back at ya!!! Hope your not too sore for your mystery quilting, looks like loads of fun!!
Joy :o)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wendy you poor thing, that sounds so painfulm I do hope you recover for Saturday, your mystery quilt blocks are lovely and that is one big swarm of bees...take care....Peg

Kerry said...

Hi Wendy,
hopefully you are off at your quilting day now!
Just thought I would mention that after having trouble with internet explorer - I suddenly couldn't do banking - and also had a previous problem. I was advised both times that a lot of people have problems with explorer and to try mozilla firefox - another browser. Went straight into banking, and have had no further problems to date. Of course not all our computer problems are that easy to solve (curse them), but it might be worth a try.