Sunday 21 February 2010

More Magic....

Want a chance to win a wonderful prize???
Christine is having a giveaway over at her blog.
You can win this book - 
Picture courtesy of The Stitching Post 
plus an applique needle (oops....edited.....Sorry Christine, that should read a PACK of applique needles....I'm such a doofus!!!) and two fat quarters!!'ve got til 15th March but don't dilly dally (and don't forget to tell her I sent you!)  Good luck!

What a day we had yesterday!!!.. Our mystery quilt certainly had us baffled at 'The Resort' (our local parish hall!!) until the very end, putting 'glasses' in 'the bar' and taking them out and moving them up to 'the rooftop', but I stuck with it and here's my top completed....(I wasn't leaving till the bar was dry!!  [hiccup...tee hee hee])........

 I was very happy with the result! Hubby says it reminds him of our trips to Bowen and the beach...well I was going for a beachy type colour scheme, seeing that was the theme of the day so I must have made some ok colour choices.

Maureen provided us with the entertainment, putting her all into  dressing up to she is at the end of the day (10pm......we two stuck it out to the end, with Laurie and Lyn for support!!!) still as lovely as when the day begun....nb.  that is non-alcoholic grape juice she is partaking in...just to celebrate the finish!!!!

The quilt was designed by Darelle Castelow (2001) and brought to us by Laurie and others at the Burdekin Quilters Guild....Thanks so much for this fun day, Laurie and for being our Lifesaver by the beach!!!! hehehe  Where would we have been without you??
Here is Maureen's version, putting it all into perspective.....

and another colourway done by one of the many talented ladies at our guild.........

I can't wait for our next meeting to see how all the others turned out and soon (March) we have Robin Ginn coming to visit us for a, fun, fun!!!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend too, putting a spring in your step to see you into the new week ahead.
Sugary hugs XXX
Wendy :O)


Christine said...

great you good the picture for the book, I will add one to my post soon. By the way it is a pack of applique needles big grin.


WendyB said...

tee hee hee...sorry Christine.....I can be such a doofus! XX Wendyb :O)

Joy said...

So glad you got better enough to go to your mystery quilt day/night :o). Looks like you had a blast ... and your quilt is fabulous!!! I love it :o)!!!!
Joy :o)

Kerry said...

Wow! You lucky thing, all that lovely new fabric to play with. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the resort! Your mystery quilt turned out great. Can't wait to see the other colourways in it too.

shein coupons said...

Beautiful dressing.