Friday 1 October 2010

The Challenge….complete!


I have been busting my little (!!!?!!?!!) buns LOL  trying to finish this in between other life complications and finally did it…..woohoooooo!!!!

It took a little longer than I had expected, winding and winding and winding…..Dawn told me it took her 6 hours and boy, she was not exaggerating!!!!   But, I do believe it was very well worth the couple of hot glue gun burns (I think I learnt after the second one!!!!…I AM a bit of a slow learner!!!! )…What do you think??

015 006


Do you think it looks anything like this one?….


(taken from the Homespun magazine)

…which was our original inspiration. (Thanks Sarah!!) 

Jenny and I spent such a wonderful day together and we both made such different designs but, I think, equally as beautiful!

Jennys finished birdcage challengeJenny’s original design 

We discussed the idea of having a little thank you gift for all the people who participated in our challenge of the birdcage sew-in,  and Jenny just happened to have a lovely “Lovebirds” stitchery pattern which she made into this…

lovebird wall hangingwhich we are offering to all those who participated in the challenge.  All you have to do is email either of us photos (you can click on my profile button to get my email addy) by Thursday 7th October,  so we can share the love….birds!!!!

Poor Jessica had a machine meltdown, so couldn’t make birdy softies, so instead asked if she could still participate with a stitchery… is what she came up with.. very cleverly designed by herself!…

jessicasjessicas 2jessicas 3

Notice the colouring technique!??  I can’t wait to see what these become!!

Don’t forget, photos to us by Thursday 7th October to be eligible for your gift of Lovebirds..  (designed exclusively for you by Jenny)

jennys stitchery gift close up 1

jennys stitchery gift close up 2

We will send these out to you on Friday 8th October.

Have a magnificent weekend and may your cages be always filled with beautiful singing birds!

XXX Sugary hugs

Wendy :O)


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I love your cage! With the bottom birdie almost busting out it says "freedom" to me! Rather than trapped.
I know all about hot glue burns, I used one in my job, very painful!

Allie said...

Actually, I think yours turned out BETTER than the magazine pic - very very lovely!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Love the finished arrangement. They are so cute and as inspiring as the original. I hope to get at least one bird done this weekend as last weekend was a total bust.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Gorgeous!!! I love it...and that little red bird just itching to fly away is my favourite. But you knew that! LOL!

Dawn said...

Fabulous Wendy, so fabulous...... amazing... better than the pic... and we have twins... birdie twins he he... so alike... I wasn't exaggerating... took forever to wind... but so worth it...hope the burns are better
Hugs Dawn x x x

Teresa said...

Wow Wendy it turned out beautifully. Just love the little birds. You did a super job, hope your fingers are healing.. doesn't tickle does it? I've done it myself, many times!!

Gloria J W said...

Well my lovely... my posh birdie photo should be winging it's way to you.. as we speak. Being so posh, it has an elegant cage all to itself. Lily the cat, did a bit of eyeing off, but I think they will live peacefully together. Hugs Gloria