Sunday 10 October 2010

Up and coming designers???

Whew…..what a week!  Back at school and hardly time to breath!!!   The end of the school year is always a busy time with much to finish before the Christmas break begins…..and doesn’t it come around quickly???   Our grade 5’s are going on camp this week and I had to finish a few more of these….


Funny….I only had 7 to do this time and I got them done much faster that the 34 I had to do last holidays!!!!!!  But just have a look at this stitching…..






Keep in mind these are 10 year olds….and both boys and girls!!!!!  A-mazing!!!!!  I can certainly see some budding little designers in the future in my patch of the woods!!!!

I haven’t had much time to visit in Blogland this week but, once I get back in the swing, I’ll be there!!!  I do know I’m missing reading all on my Blogroll though!!!!!!

I’m steadily working on my CSSC project (which has to remain secret squirrel!!) and enjoying how it’s turning out.

And what do you think of this…….isn’t it absolutely gorgeous????

cocky_1[1] (2)
cocky 2

Karen has gone completely Aussie with her Cockatoo, and hasn’t she done a fantabulous job????? Even Charlie the cockatiel can’t tell him apart from the real thing!!!…..And look at the detail in his wings….

cocky 4

Not a bad job when you’ve only got one hand working, eh????    Check out Karen’s other things she’s doing….her work’s amazing!  And thanks Karen, for joining in on the Birdcage sew in….We’re so glad you enjoyed it too.

As a special gift for Jenny, so that she would remember our special day together, I made her this table runner.  I did show you some sneakies, but forgot to show you the finished thing  *oops*!!!


009 (2)

If you click on the first photo, you will see the close up…..I thought the gaggle of geese  and the saying “When friends Gather” would be most appropriate, and if people could have listened in on our day….. that’s probably what it would have sounded like!!!!

Jenny gave me a lovely range of her patterns to say thank you for the day……I can’t wait to start on these too!  (She’s an absolute darling!!!!!….love ya Jen!!!)  You can get yours here….or here.


I picked up some of my ‘absolute fave’  Aster Manor fabrics from her too that I’d bought here.  Aren’t they just scrumdiddlyumptious!!!!


Don’t have a ‘clue’ what I’m going to make with these….but just had to have them on hand….in case I can’t find them again!!!!!   You know what I mean!!!!!

I’ve soooo much more to share, but I’ll keep it for during the week (that’ll ensure I come back and visit again, even though I know I’m going to be snowed under…….method in my madness!!!)

have a wonderful week

Sugary hugs

XXX Wendy :O)


Allie said...

GREAT job by the kids, wow - future designers indeed! I really, really love Karen's bird, such detail, it's really breathtaking. And I love the table runner you made for Jenny - so darling, I know she will treasure it forever!

Unknown said...

What a full and interesting post !
I love the kids stitching and the cockie is amazing !

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Hi Wendy, I went and checked out Karen's blog - that cockatoo is really something!
Do the kids say anything about the old style 'a', I had to explain it to my 4 yr old today.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the geese.........good to hear progress on the SSCS parcels.......lots have been busy.......