Sunday 24 October 2010

A long time between drinks?


Yes, the saying is true… IS a long time between drinks once school starts up for the last term of the year…..everything must go on hold…blogging being one of them!  But I did want to sneak a post in because I have been trying to have a life outside of school (believe it or not!!!).

I thought I’d take advantage of the parity of the $Aud with the Greenback so I went and did a little bit of shopping bit of a spend up here.

I was surprised when the posty brought me this little treasure pretty quickly


….and inside were these beauties…


A Baker’s Dozen FQ Goodie Bag in yummy teals and browns and reds(yes there are 13 in there!),


a Glace dessert roll and some Glace turnovers along with some summery Sorbet ones,



An Old Primrose Inn Jelly Roll and…



a matching FQ bundle!!!

*Squee*…… much fun am I going to have getting stuck into these????  But for the time being they just have to sit and be patient….they’re safe for now but in7 more weeks… out…..I’ll be taking the cutter to you!!!!!!  LOL

Ah well, back to hit the books……hope you’re area of the world is full of quilty fun this week !

XXX Sugary Hugs

Wendy Smile


Tarnyia said...

WOW you did do a LITTLE bit of shopping hahaha and doesn't it all look so good xxx

Diane H said...

Christmas came early to your house!

Allie said...

Oh my how fun - they'll get a lot of petting I'm sure until you're ready to dive in!

Joy said...

Oooooh Wendy, what fun!!! I wanna come and play at your house lol.
Joy :o)

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

They look like they might tease you a bit in the next 7 weeks! I'm going to check out the store now, thanks for the link!

Jude said...

Lucky girl and waiting to see what you create