Sunday 3 October 2010

Design Inspiration

I’ve been planning a little re-organisation in my sewing room lately but without much of a plan, I’ve been waiting for a design inspiration to pop into my head! 001do know that I never seem to have enough room on my sewing table to cut and iron and everything else (or is it just my disorganised state once I get playing in there??!!) and nothing’s caught my eye when I hit the shops, so I thought I’d google for some inspiration. On my way I found this drop leaf table that I thought would be perfect for a cutting station…. TMS Cottage Drop Leaf Dining Table in Black …one wouldn’t take up too much room and being reasonably priced, (particularly now the Aussie dollar is riding high!!) is a big drawcard too!  Don’t you love the storage shelves underneath??  ….and the drop sides make it perfect to butt up against the wall and save room! I really like this one…. Comfort Decor Vimma Drop Leaf Table with Storage in Black ….’cause it takes up so little space (which is always a bonus!) but opens up, having such a useful area, and then folds away again when you’re not using it.  But, what could you hide in the storage compartment down the bottom???  Rulers on the shelf and cutters in the cupboard??  I haven’t seen anything like that in my part of the world!  I’m getting goosebumps just thinking of it!!!!!  I think I have just the perfect spot! I’d never thought of going to the dining room department to look for inspiration before….but I guess looking outside the square leads to new possibilities, doesn’t it??? What design inspirations do you have in your sewing room??  XX Sugary hugs Wendy :O)

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Allie said...

LOVE those tables! I have 3 in my room - one for sewing, it's from the 50's, love it - a wooden one that's just a bit bigger than my cutting mat, and up on blocks so it's the right height - and one that both sides fold down, I made a pad for it and it's my ironing table. It's also on wheels, thanks to my hubby. If I didn't have seperate tables, I wouldn't get anything done!