Saturday, 8 October 2011

Jam with me?

  Each month, our Guild has a Block Lotto, where each of us make a 12 1/2” block (or two or three or…..more) under a theme and we put the names of the people who’ve contributed into a hat and draw one name out to win all the blocks.  If we have lots, we might share them out between 2 or 3 winners ….some months it’s a block with a colour theme, some months it’s a style, this month, the theme was ‘Spring’ in bright colours with a neutral background. I thought I’d do something different to the usual when I saw this free pattern and tutorial last week on Madame Samm’s site featuring our very own Aussie, Helen Stubbings.  Helen Stubbings So I did the usual tracing and ironing weaveline ( a lightweight, iron-on interfacing) onto the back and then took out these…(nothing flash….no specialty pencils here!)…. PIC_1858 and got colouring using the Colourque technique Helen is famous for! And here is what I ended up with…… 012 008 010 014 016 015 And believe me….I am NO artist…..stick figures are pretty much it for me, but I was soooo happy with how it turned out….I felt like a little kid again, and now, I don’t think I want to give it away….but….I guess I can always make another, can’t I ??!?!
Last week we went for a drive to the Strawberry Farm about an hour’s drive away and got the most delectable strawberries….the smell was just…. mm mmmmmmm…not to mention the taste!   018 We got 5 kilos of these beauties and after eating our fill, I hulled them and sliced them and put them in the pot…. 048 cooked them for a while with some lemon juice and sugar and it magically turned into this….. 051   …the most delicious strawberry jam… tomorrow I must make some pikelets and scones and whip some cream to have with my jam!!! Want to join me for the perfect Sunday Devonshire Tea??? Sugary Hugs XOX  Wendy :O)


Maria said...

Oh Yes please. sounds delicious!!!

Love the way you stitched and coloured your block. I would also find it hard to giveaway.

Allie said...

I love the way your little design turned out, so sweet! I normally use crayons, but the pencils are easier - and putting the medium on is not bad either. Lots of fun, and you do feel like a kid again.
Yes, tea please - your jam looks wonderful!

Joy said...

Love your block Wendy, it turned out fabulous!!! Looks like the strawberry jam was a big success too .... YUMMMM!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Jeanette said...

Your block is gorgeous. The jam looks delicious. Love to come for morning tea. Hugs,

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Beautiful block, Wendy! :)
yummy jam, when will the scones be ready,? white with no sugar, thanks. hehe. :)

Drummer and Band said...

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teresa said...

I just love that block. It has turned out beautifully... you CAN'T give it away... I am going to check out that tutorial too.. thank you. Those strawberries look so good I can almost taste them. I have been eyeing off the mangoes lately as well...mmmmmmm love summer fruits xx

Sharon said...

That block is so pretty! I don't blame you for wanting to keep it. Just think - the next one may be even better. :) Love strawberry jam!