Sunday 15 July 2012

F.N.S.I. and a swap

Friday Night Sew In saw what seems like a meagre amount of work, but boy, did it take some fiddly time!!!

018 (Medium)

I finished one side of a border on my mystery quilt… is a close up.

021 (Medium)

I like the way it gives a 3D outline to the border…..but this one is going to take me a bit of time……why I never choose ‘easy’ over a challenge, I’ll never know!


It’s been fairly miserable weather around here the past week or so and today was no exception…..although there wasn’t any rain…(well….does a slight drizzle for about 5 minutes count???)….it was overcast, dull and cool, compared to our normal tropical weather…even in winter!  We awoke to the sound of birds outside the window….and these gorgeous kingfishers were sitting on our clothesline…

006 (Medium)

It was difficult to catch the three of them together, and finding three surprised me as we normally have one or two, but even that’s not frequent.  Hubby told me it’s because the are fond of bees….with this dreaded, dull weather, the bees have been staying close to their hives so are a ready food source for the birds. As I watched, they flew off towards the hives, dived and grabbed a bee, bringing it back to the clothesline to bang it against the poles before gobbling it up.

008 (Medium)

As the bees aren’t out collecting pollen, they’re a ready target as they’re also not feeding, so Mumma Mrs B to the rescue… I trotted armed with my squirty bottle of honey from the last collection to feed the bay-bees!!!!!   And boy were they hungry….

015 (Medium)016 (Medium)

Look at them all lined up drinking up the honey!!! Nature is amazing isn’t it??  Hopefully that will give them the strength till the sun comes out again….hopefully tomorrow!!!!!


A lovely surprise awaited me at the post office on Friday too… was my swap partner Leena’s (no blog) Christmas in July mug rug swap.

024 (Medium)

Isn’t it gorgeous???  And Leena sent me a bonus Christmas FQ as well…..just love it….thanks so much Leena, and thanks to Cathy for organising it too! *mwah*

Sugary hugs xox



Anonymous said...

such pretty birds and those bees would love you,and what a cute mug rug Wendy.xx

Vickie said...

ohh love your projects the colours are awesome...birdies on the clothesline are such a pretty sight..arghh egads bees...your mug rug from Leena is lovely,cheers Vickie

Maria said...

Yes the 3D border is lovely even though it was time consuming. Well worth it.
Great photos of the birds and bees...LOL
what a gorgeous Christmas rug Mug and fabric..

Unknown said...

I love a challenge and that 3d border would certainly be a good one. Leena does such amazing work and never dissapoints.

Allie said...

Wendy, that border is totally worth the effort - I too love the 3d effect, truly amazing girl!
Those birds are just lovely. How sweet of you to feed the bees! I never would have gotten within a mile of them. Your mug rug and fabric are so pretty, lucky you!!

Diane-crewe said...

what beautiful birds.. even if they are eating the bees! I like your mug mat... I sent mine to my partner last week xx

Fiona said...

The kingfishers are lovely.... little gems on wings.... I love that border... so effective...