Sunday 8 July 2012

past the finish line….

While most of the district has been involved in V8 fever with the V8 supercars battling it out in Townsville this weekend,

Tyre Rule Tweaked In Townsvillephoto courtesy of

I’ve been battling it out on my sewing machine this week, working on one of my long-standing UFO’s that I just kept postponing for fear of messing up.  (do you do that too….or is it just a ‘me’ thing???)  

Finally, finally, finally……this li’l baby has made it past the finish line…….

014 (Medium)


It’s my Market Baguette Bag…a Cinderberry Stitches design by Natalie Lymer and I just love it!   I made a couple of modifications…..magnetic clasps instead of the ties, as I know how frustrated I would become if I had to tie and untie them every time I went into my bag….and they work a treat!

019 (Medium)022 (Medium)

And I also stitched some vertical ‘fold’ lines into the sides, so they folded inwards rather than gaped out as I carried it around.

018 (Medium)

these little birdies are just so ‘tweet’!!!!! 

It’s now my ‘go to’ bag when I hit the shops…..and I continue to ask myself…….why oh why did it take me soooo long to finish it!?!

Off to look for more of those ‘scary’ UFOs to get to the finish line!!!  How about you????? 

Sugary hugs :O)



Chookyblue...... said...

I found mine as I was cleaning up all my sewing gear last night........lovely work........great idea with the magnetic clasps........might do that too as I would not be tying up the bag all day........

My Life and Quilting said...

Hi Wendy... Your go to bag is beautiful... I do not know why you were scared to finish it... Lovely and I wish I had one... Hugs :)

Joy said...

Well look how gawjus that turned out!!! Good to see yours finished Wendy, mine's still on my 'to do' list .... I've had the pretty red handles waiting patiently for AGES lol.
Joy :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy your bag is gorgeous,love the fabric and stitcheries,well done.xx

Fiona said...

I love that it is not deep - so not too much digging around to find those keys!

Fee said...

It looks great Wendy shamefully I still haven't finished mine x

Vickie said...

excellent Wendy ity looks so useful & gorgeous,cheers Vickie

Quiltingranny said...

Very nice Wendy, I love the pockets you put in it, perfect for a cell phone, keys or gum!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Yay, it's done!!! Now we just have to nudge Fee to finish hers...only two years late. ;-)