Sunday 23 March 2014


My Friday night went a little green and gold!   I couldn’t find the Rolo chocolates in the rolls like they used to make…..has it been that long since I’ve eaten them?????    I did manage to find a bar of Rolo chocolate though…..phew!    And I experimented with the Mint Float…..all I can say is mm mmmmmmmmmmmm … yummo!!!!

023 (Medium)

I had my stitching all ready to go after dinner, and I really should have done some BEFORE I drank that float!!!!!   Yep, you guessed it…….there wasn’t a great deal of progress because for some reason, my glasses went foggy and I found it so difficult to push the thread through that teeny little hole in the needle!!!!!   And I was soooo tired!!!!!!!   Just can’t understand why!!!!???  Perhaps 1/4 cup of Creme de menthe is more than this little duck needs in one glass???  Perhaps!!!!

025 (Medium)

So I decided, like I do every FNSI, to continue my Friday on into the weekend and I wanted to begin this……

029 (Medium)

I haven’t done cross stitch for such a long time so I thought combining both quilting blocks and cross stitch might make a nice addition to my craft room wall.   If you haven’t seen it around, you can pop on over to Corey’s blog and the links to the Quilty Stitches Sampler Along are still available.

Little Miss Shabby

She’s up to block 5 so we’re not too far behind.

030 (Medium)

I decided I’d start with the borders before I go into block 1, which is the Swoon block!!!!  Can’t wait!!!!!!  They’re only 1 3/4 inch blocks too so it’s not going to take too long to catch up.

Well, I’m off to visit some of our 50+ FNSI-ers to see what they’ve been up to.  One of them will be winning this gorgeous kit, supplied by the equally gorgeous Fee. 

031 (Medium)

032 (Medium)

The hexi craze was started again at the Melbourne Lets Get Stitched so I thought this might just be the most appropriate prize.  And as you know I’ve been stitching them up too.  They’re such a breeze to stitch up and they’re quick and fun……I’ve got a stack of them just waiting to be made into something!!!!!

013 (Medium)

Fee has lots of other goodies in her Shabby Shack ….I’d suggest you pop on over for a visit at some stage…some lubberly shabby goodies in there…hard to resist!!!!

Remember to post about your Friday night for your chance to be in the draw, which I will do tomorrow (Monday) night (my time).

xox Sugary hugs :o)

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Maria said...

LOL I would t be able to stitch a thing if I had that yummy green drink.......
Yes I am doing the little cross stitch blocks and am enjoying doing cross stitch again...
Oh what a lovely prize Fee has donated this week.

Fee said...

Love the look of that green drink xxx. Happy stitching xx

Diane-crewe said...

mm wonder why you were tired .. too busy a day? mmm wonder why your glasses were foggy...? lol x

Jo said...

I might try that fabulous green drink.
My FNSI day was making a puzzle quilt.
Then I continued on Saturday making scrappy blocks.

Bev C said...

Hello Wendy,

Good luck with your cross stitch project. Thanks for hosting this event.

Happy days.

creations.1 said...

Your stitchery is lovely but I think the star of the night would have to be the Mint Float - oh the mind boggles just thinking what other liquery thingies could be added!!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love your embroidery flower block that you are doing - wonderful stitching

Christine M said...

Even only a stitch or two counts, Wendy! Have fun with the cross-stitch sampler. I'm really enjoying stitching this one. The blocks are so cute!

Fiona said...

Lovely to see what you are up to... Love those little cross stitches I have been seeing around ...

Cath said...

Maybe I should have had one of those, it might have cured my headache! Beautiful stitching

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

love that stitchery Wendy, your treats look perfect..

Maria said...

Now that drink looks and sounds intriguing! Lol. Good on you for doing some cross was a passion of mine in the 1970s...oops that's quite a while ago eh? Lol

Anonymous said...

Well that made me laugh, too tipsy to sew!