Tuesday 18 March 2014

Rosedaisy winner and more LGS fun!

I got a funny email yesterday about the hot air balloons…

There was a series of quizzical emails between one of the ladies who left a comment to enter the giveaway and myself, until we came to the conclusion that she was actually IN one of those balloons!!!!!!!! 

015 (Medium)

They say it’s a small world and there’s only 6 degrees of separation…..but how funny is that!?!   Jo said she was in the green one, but my camera didn’t show too well from a distance (the smoke didn’t help either)  All I know is it’s one thing I’d looooove to do…..it’s going on my bucket list!!!!

Well, when we woke on Saturday the skies were a lot clearer.  Jen had planned to spend the day visiting her grandsons so Vikki, Joy and I headed off to the Rose Street Artists’ Markets.  We tackled the public transport and after a few comical attempts (well, we really didn’t know anything about catching a tram!!!!!) we got comfy and made our way to Brunswick Street.

045 (Medium)The sights of Melbourne really are wonderful…..

046 (Medium)047 (Medium)

and amazing……how about this mobile advertising???? 

048 (Medium)

We took a spell for morning tea ….

054 (Medium)

then headed down Brunswick Street, meandering through all the eclectic shops….

062 (Medium)

before we reached Rose Street….where we were greeted by the most amazing graffiti art on every wall…….055 (Medium)

056 (Medium)057 (Medium)058 (Medium)059 (Medium)

This cafe even had an extension to it….more cafe dining…..in a container out the back!!!!!

060 (Medium)

The markets truly were amazing but we were too busy looking to take photos there!!!!!   But after a spot of lunch, we headed back to Brunswick Street and we hadn’t noticed this little gem before……

061 (Medium)

We were a little tired and our feet were swelling, so thank goodness for these artistic mosaic creations in the street……

063 (Medium)

…and surprising just how comfortable they were!

We found this treasure chest further down the street, selling all things antique linen, lace and lovelies……..

064 (Medium)

067 (Medium)

Vikki found her big girl panties……..

069 (Medium)

…..and some other surprising items……. deer, deer, deer!!!!!!

070 (Medium)

Then when we were meandering back to the tram stop, we spotted another artistic gem…..they’re everywhere!….. (yes they ARE bees on the wall)

072 (Medium)

We were almost late for our Let’s Get Stitched dinner so headed straight there…….  had dinner with the loveliest of friends, old and new…..

073 (Medium)074 (Medium)076 (Medium)077 (Medium)079 (Medium)078 (Medium)080 (Medium)

before the nutty nutters blew out the candles on their 4th LGS birthday cake!!!!

081 (Medium)082 (Medium)

Truly is wonderful meeting bloggy friends in the ‘real’……it’s a special connection we have…..like we’ve known each other forever……isn’t it Illene?????

087 (Medium)

Tomorrow I’ll share our stitching day…full of lovely surprises all round!  But now, I guess you’re hanging out to find out who won my draw in Jenny’s Rosedaisy Alphabet giveaway! 

I was over the moon with your comments and I think I’ve answered all 160 of them….apologies if I didn’t, but I’ve loved reading every one.  I do hope you keep coming back, it’s been lovely to chat to you all!   Thank goodness Mr RNG was good enough to choose a winner, because I surely couldn’t pick….there were far too many good answers!!!!!!   So Mr RNG did his thing and ……..

Rosedaisy competition winner March 2014

congratulations go to Katherine who said………

katzber has left a new comment on your post "LGS weekend and a gorgeous giveaway for you, you w...":
I would do F for faith. A friend has cancer and I think she would like a reminder of  God's grace.

Well I’m sure she will Katherine….keep a lookout in you inbox as Jenny will be emailing you really soon!

And if you missed out….sorry…..I wish I could give you all one….but Jen does have them available to purchase as a PDF download in her Craftsy shop HERE.  Just pop on over……she’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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Shari said...

Oh, how lovely that Katherine won! What an awesome letter to begin with. Sending love and hope to you and your friend Katherine!

retdairyqueen said...

Special connections YES Just that some of us do not recognize the other half of the connection
It was a lovely weekend and I loved meeting you xxx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Fantastic photos

Anonymous said...

I had seen that comment and hoped she might win. How wonderful she did! Thank you so much for the view of Melbourne, just in case I never do get to come to OZ, at least I have a clue. It looks like it's a very artistic city!

A Consuming Passion said...

So many great photos of your adventures in Melbourne.
I'd very much like to know where the Antique Linens store was........to add to my "must visit" list :)
Thanks again for sharing.

Jo said...

Congratulations Katherine.

Love your photos

Yes ballooning was great fun

Marilyn said...

I think Katherine is the perfect winner, as she has such a good reason to use a letter. Such an amazing coincidence with the balloon photo. Looks like your Saturday adventures were equally as amazing as ours.

Tammy said...

Congratulations to Katherine. Thank you for the chance to enter. Loved all of your photos.

Anonymous said...

congrats katherine and thankyou Wendy for sharing your adventure.xx