Sunday 16 March 2014

Roundup of part 1 LGS 2014 and a reminder

Well….I’ve finally got myself organised and my photos are together so I thought I’d give you a bit of a rundown of my trip to Melbourne for the Let’s Get Stitched annual event with the four nutty nutters!!!!

Get your coffee and get comfy… we go!!!!

Here’s Jen and I on the plane…evidence to those we were coming!!!

001 (Medium)

It was a long flight (or two) starting at 8.30am in the morning and getting into Melbourne at 2.15pm (but we lost an hour due to daylight savings!)

We were excited to meet these lovelies once we got there….

002 (Medium)003 (Medium)005 (Medium)

and many others that I didn’t get photos of…..(even though there were plenty of photo bombers over the weekend!!!!!  SUE????)   but even better still was to get to be roomies with these two gorgeous gals…. Jenny and Vikki

006 (Medium)007 (Medium)

Thursday night was the meet and greet and the 4 Nutters (Dawn, Fee, Vicki and Joy) and the shenanigans were on……here’s Dawn posing like the Peroni girl!!!!!

010 (Medium)

After dinner drinks and catch up, we went up to our rooms for MORE catching up……I think it was 3am to bed………zzzzzzzzz

We woke the next day to the smoke haze over the city from the recent fires at the power station016 (Medium)

Can you see what we spotted amidst the haze???  Look closely…

013 (Medium)014 (Medium)

Quite a few hot air balloons….not something we see in the tropical north very often!!!  What a way to start the morning…..

Then we were off for our bus trip…..all behaving well!!!!!!

018 (Medium)

first stop….Stitch n Patch

019 (Medium)

welcomed by the lovely Larissa

020 (Medium)

More shopping at Patchwork with Gail B (I seeeeriously love this shop!!!) before being ushered into the bus by the lovely Dawn Hay with her gorgeous penny blossom in her hair!

022 (Medium)

before heading off to the gorgeous Sassafras for lunch, a quaint little village in the Dandenong Ranges……..  we saw Miss Marple’s Tearooms…..023 (Medium)

which was packed to the core with travellers…. and goodies…..

024 (Medium)

We stopped at “Ripe”, a yummy cafe with the best food and drinks….

025 (Medium)027 (Medium)028 (Medium)

Wendy and Marilyn just looooooved theirs!!!!!!!

Shopping partners….. Joy and Marilyn

029 (Medium)

then back to the bus…..for more shopping adventures….

033 (Medium)

We found the Joynut (oopsies…..Joy HUT) takeaway sign and just had to get a photo with this nutter…..

034 (Medium)

before some MORE shopping….

036 (Medium)

and a quick trip to the pet store to cuddle some bunnies!!!! You see…we’re not allowed to have them up here in Queensland but they’re legal to have as pets in Victoria  (boo hoo..)

038 (Medium)

We headed home and then onto the 4 Nutter’s room for our pizza and games night..042 (Medium)043 (Medium)044 (Medium)

We were all there and having a grand all time……until our ‘party’ was shut down (officially!!!) at 8.30 for noise……….can you believe it??????  Oh well…..we did get all the games done and had the best night….and yes…..another 3am morning was had!!!!! *gulp*  Just like a big girly sleepover!!!!!!!  

I’ll share the last two days of our LGS event tomorrow……..there’s just so much to share!!!!   (and I didn’t even take many photos!!!!)

In the meantime, if you’ve made it this far, I want to remind you of our 4-way giveaway for Jenny’s new  “Rosedaisy “ alphabet pattern. 

If you haven’t already entered, you’ve got till tomorrow 8pm my time (EST) and you can enter by commenting on my last post HERE  There are 4 prizes, one from each of the 4 blogs listed….so you have to visit all of them for 4 chances…..and the prize is magnificent….a complete set of Jen’s Rosedaisy Alphabet stitcheries……..I absolutely LOOOOOVE these!!!!! (and that’s not even bias checking in!!!!!)     Just make sure you add your email address to the bottom of your comment if you’re not linked otherwise, if I have no way of contacting you, there will be a redraw!

Good luck and sugary hugs….

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Maria said...

Oh no you weren't shut down at 8.30pm... Far too early..
No wonder you mattered till 3 am...

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I just can't stop laughing at the Joynut photo! :-)
And Dawn's photo shot... LOL!

Great memories, eh?

Jo said...

What morning did you take the photos of the hot air balloons.

Looks like you had a great time.
Such fun

Shari said...

Wow...looks like you all had a great time, and I love everyone's shopping that too must have been fun! Thanks for sharing.

Christine M said...

It was lovely meeting you Wendy. We certainly all had a great time!

Noela said...

Lovely to meet you and Jenny. Hugs.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your fun. I didn't see the bus trip anywhere else, so I was happy to see those shops - I can see if I ever save some money to come, I better save hundreds extra for shopping and shipping home! =) I can't believe a quiet, well-behaved bunch of quilters was shut down for noise! =) And it wasn't even midnight!