Sunday 29 November 2009

Beep, Beep!!

Did I mention I got a new car???? LOL.   

 Here she is:

I hope I didn't have some of you confused....thinking I had delivered a REAL baby...heaven forbid....I'm a little past that, I think (although stranger things...., they say!!)

This photo was taken just after her first almost 15-year old couldn't believe me having to wash her, after I only just picked her up on Thursday afternoon!!!!!.....Kids!!!!  It'll be a different story when he has his licence, I'll bet!!!!!!  I feel a little special driving around in her......maybe because she's so shiny and new.....wonder if it will be a different story when the payments start coming out!!????

And, what always happens after you wash your car?????  You got it.......look what arrived shortly afterwards.......

Lucky there were only a few drops out of those big grey suckers (although we DO need a nice drop of l'eau!!) and NOOOOO...I didn't rush out and wipe it down afterwards!!!!!!  hehehe

So nice to have finished report cards (sounding like a broken record a bit, aren't I??) and I think I was missing my sewing, because I sure was cranky at the end of last week!!!! But, put needle and thread in my hand and a sewing machine within arm's reach, and I calmed down promptly!!!

And YES,  I have finally finished the BATMAN QUILT.....Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!   Although I absolutely loved doing it....(it was an original design from start to finish....sort of a make-it-up-as-you-go-along one) did seem to take forever and seeing it was for a birthday gift on the tenth of November, I felt bad that it wasn't quite ready on time!!!!  I think that made it seem like it took so much longer!

Front of quilt (depending on the new owner!!)                                 

   Back of quilt.....(He liked this side best!!! maybe this will be the new front????)

I decided to quilt Batman insignias in the yellow blocks in the main border and stitched in the ditch around the centre blocks.

It was so relaxing on the weekend, stitching the binding on in front of mindless tv!!!!  Aaaaaahhhh....nice!  All that's left now is the handover!!!!!  I'm sure my teaching partner will be glad to finally get his gift (without me taking it back again!!!!)

We had our quilter's guild Christmas party on Saturday, and our swap was a Summertime Table runner.  Now you know I've been rather preoccupied lately, so Friday night I sat stitching till 2am and then up again in the wee hours to complete the binding and label.  Lucky I had a top pre-made that I could utilise for the task!!!!

My idea of summertime is lovely, clear, blue skies, beautiful flowers and lovely, rich sunsets (hence the orangy-red binding, which just happened to match the flowers perfectly!)   I hoped my lucky recipient would be happy with their lot, and she was!!!  The lucky lady said she loved any long as it was blue!!!!!.....aaaaah, fate at its finest!!!!!
I received a lovely watermelon based runner made by my blogless friend Maureen....she apologised prolifically for it, but I think it's wonderful!!!!


Funny you know, my original plan was to make a watermelon based runner, as there's nothing that represents summer more than slurping watermelons and spitting watermelon seeds as far as you can!!!!!, but I just ran out of time (dang!)   so....must've been a perfect match!!!!  (I wonder if anyone has ever grown a watermelon in their belly from eating the seeds???? ) lol

And this morning was spent finishing my Christmas Ornie Swap organised by Robyn and Clare for my swap partner Jeanette.  I received her ornament on Friday and absolutely love it, love it, love it!!!  It's going up on the tree as soon as ...well, ..... it gets put up!!!! (cringe!! and there is only 26 days till Christmas!!!)

She made a lovely handmade/stitched card too.....a very versatile, talented young lady is Jeanette!!!!  thank you my lovely new bloggy friend...I'll treasure them always!!!

I can't show you what I made for her yet as it's going in the post tomorrow, but as Jeanette's a Brissie girl, she should have it by the end of  the week, after which, I'll let you have a look!!!!

I also received my very quick fabric swap organised by the lovely Jenny from  my swap partner, Margaret on Friday too!  She was worried that it would take a month of Sundays to get here as it was coming from Spain and it seemed to be travelling via donkey!!!!  Well, needless to say, mine took longer to get to Spain than hers did getting to Oz, so I guess my donkey must've been travelling uphill!!!

I just adore the cute little buttons.....did you notice the little 'Santa's Helper Elf ' ????  Thanks Margaret, I love it all!!!

 This is what I sent Margaret...some lovely coordinating fabric (I'm not one for names....don't know the brand of them!!! ooops!) with ribbon to match and two little red,clay star buttons.

A big, sugary thank you to all our lovely organisers who help make blogging so much more fun than it already is!!!!  Thank you ladies!!!!

Oh my goodness....look at the time....and I've so much more to share!!!!!  Well this post's been a really long one, so I guess I'll keep you in suspense until next time...unless you've already navigated away from this page!!!  (and my Blogger is playing up, big time....doesn't want to do anything but centre's not playing the game right!!!!!!   Why does it always have a mind of it's own?????)

Sweet, sugary dreams
XX Wendy B :O)


Barb said...

Love your car, love your batman quilt, love your post ...

Jeanette said...

your quilt looks fabulous. The runners look great. Hugs, Jeanette.

Joy said...

Love the car Wendy ... now, what are you going to call her??? She has to have a name!!! ;o)
Fantastic Batman quilt, WOW, it's absolutely fabulous ... yay for you :o)!! He will LOVE it for sure :o)!!
Your little Santa ornie is adorable ... I know Jeanette well, doesn't she do fabulous work :o)!!
Great post Wendy ... love to read all your news :o)!!!!
Take care in your new chariot!!!!
Great big hugs,
Joy :o)

Vicki ♥ said...

Love your new car and yes she does have to have a name..maybe you could have a name the car competition heheehe. Love the batman quilt too :) Lots of delightful things to look at and you have been very busy and thanks for a great read :) hugs Vicki

Tarnyia said...

Now that new shiny car does need a name.. something regal I think... Lucky it was only rain and not red dust that was coming hahaha other wise your 15 yr was going to have to take pic's of you out there again ''crying'' hahahaha
Great work on the quilt love the idea of the ''batman signal'' in the quilting... you have been a very busy girl :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new car...Murphy's Law when you wash your car...Warm Regards Lyn

Gloria J W said...

Hello dear friend...Yep I'm catching the car!! You deserve it!! Batman looks fantastic and the back side is just great as well. Well done!! Rainbow smiles... Gloria