Tuesday 17 November 2009

Small blessings

OMGoodness!!!  How does time fly at this time of year....I seem to have my finger stuck in too many pies and I can't get to any of them!!!  

I was going to post a blog last night but some power lines fell a couple of streets down and we were without power from about 8pm last night till midnight....I was just up to squaring up the Batman quilt too, ready for binding, then I was going to post, then start on my ornament giveaway, then do some report cards for work.....ooooooooooo, bugger!! 

Oh well, on the brighter side, I got my bacon and cheese muffins cooked for our breakfast meeting at work this morning and I did get a chance to read the next couple of chapters in the Elm Creek Quilts book I'm reading......by torchlight!!!

Sorry, no piccies today...running late for the meeting.
Chat soon
XX Sugary hugs

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