Sunday 8 November 2009

The Big Reveal

It has been a busy weekend....perfect....but busy!!!   sewing, sewing , sewing....
I have finished my Batman quilt top and working on the back now....

I'm pretty happy with the way it's turned out....everyone at the Guild asked me if it was for my son....they couldn't believe it when I told them it was for my 29 year old teaching partner!!!

Somehow, I don't think I'll have it ready for his birthday on Tuesday....perhaps it'll have to be a teaser where I give it to him as a topper and take it back to finish it.....aaaahhh that's an idea.....maybe the backing and quilting can be his Christmas present!!!! (hehehe just jokin!)

We had our big reveal of the Round Robin Medallion Quilts we held over the past 6 months at our Guild.  We had groups of 6 ladies, made a centre block of 12 1/2" and sent them round our group each month for each of us to complete the next border in the round.  It was soooo much fun and helped me develop new skills and try colour combinations I wouldn't normally use!! 
I sent a star block (very similar, it seems, to your BOM block, Kylie!!!) and this is how it came back....

very very be-ewwwwww-ti-ful!!!!! 
Thank you ladies!!!!

Here are the other quilts I worked on in our group.....they've all turned out magnificently and everyone was extremely happy with their tops....lots of oooooh's and aaaaaah's's a wonder you couldn't hear them from your place!!!

Allison with her beautiful Christmas quilt

Margaret and her Bouquet Basket

Lynnie love her pink border (had to add a bit of splash!!!)

What's Noah's Ark without waves, sand and grass???

Allyson's Moda blocks were gorgeous

They all came out different sizes and Allyson won't have to do much more to make hers into a queen sized bed quilt!  And I must show you Gloria's wonder......her rooster block astounded her when it returned to her as this......

Isn't it wonderful???  all the quilts were very much talent at the local guild...if you're not in one, you should consider's so much fun and you learn so much from all the ladies!!!!

I'll share with you the other quilts in my next post....too many to share now.

So what surprises have you got this weekend??  I'd love to hear!

Well, I'm off to judge my junior duckies in the Annual Rotary Duck Race!!!  I'll tell you all about it next time!

Big sugary hugs
XX Wendy B 'o)


Jude said...

I did wonder what that noise was. Your quilts are lovely, you are a bunch of talented ladies. I like the batman quilt and anyone of any age can enjoy it.

Narelle said...

OHHH Wendy, such beautiful quilts, what a lovely way of doing a quilt and getting a surpries into the bargain. Have a great sunday.

Kylie said...

Gorgeous quilts Wendy and I just love love love yours. Yes the block is the same. The batman quilt is great, you did a great job. Happy duck judging.

Barb said...

Your batman quilt is awesome!!! Thanks for showing all the other quilts...totally wonerful. i always enjoy seeing bloggers post alot of quilt...inspiring.

Narelle said...

Wow! or should that be "Pow" "Zap" "Wham" Batman ... fantastic job on the quilt.

Thankyou for sharing all the beautiful quilts.

Laurie said...

Wowee Robin - that is one amazing quilt! You did a fantastic job - I love the color combinations. Very, very nice!
AND the ladies did an amazing job at your guild - very pretty :)