Wednesday 18 November 2009

Welcoming my new bundle of joy!!!!

Many months have passed since this little miracle was conceived and it seems like an eternity, but tomorrow, we will be welcoming this little bundle of joy into our family...........

photo courtesy of Volkswagen   (thanks veedub!!!)

Well, it's almost been like a pregnancy......I ordered my new car 18 weeks ago and they told me it would be built to order and as it had to come from Germany, we would have to wait!! After much anticipation,  the dealer rang me up on Tuesday and told me it had finally arrived!!!! (No, I don't think the stork brought it!) lol

Just like childbirth though, I've counted the weeks, I've gone back through the 'baby' books and questioned whether we had done the right thing in ordering a new 'baby', I've gone through every detail, trying to remember what it felt like when I test-drove her (not that you can test-drive a bub, but.....), I've thought about what 'clothes' (accessories) I'm going to get her and how proud I am going to be when I first take her out in public!!!!
Thank goodness I'm not getting the car that has the baby wearing the nappy that explodes once it's buckled in and splatters every interior window!!!!!(.....according to the ad on tv!!!....stinky pinky....eeewwwwwwww.....that would be disappointing).  My bubby's going to be just 'poifect'!!!!!

Mine is a little different to the photo's just not practical up here in North Queensland, and particularly living opposite a cane farm!!!!....mine is going to be Mountain Grey Metallic....has a soothing, cool, calm sort of name doesn't it????...and I won't be having the sunroof or leather seats....I don't think I have the right postcode for that!

So, think of me tomorrow as I'm driving down the highway with my new baby bundle of joy!!!!

On another note, I have to say a huge thank you to Judith from Calico Cottage.  I recently won a quick little comp on her blog and two beautiful, glittery charms arrived in my post box,  just the other day..... a beautiful rose (Judith knows me too well!!) and a heart with a rose engraved on it..........they were packaged so beautifully  (and guess who forgot to take photos!!???? duh!!!)
I haven't got a project in mind just yet, but holidays are coming soon and I'll have plenty of time to play!!!!! 

I know Judith's taken a break till Dec 12 but I hope these sincere thoughts of thanks find her.....I hope you're having a lovely break with loved ones , plenty of R & R and Rejuvination for a very creative 2010, Judith!!!!  I can recommend a visit to Judith's online Calico Cottage ...if you're into Modern Country styles, then you'll love what Judith has to offer.

Now I think I'd better toodle off to bed.....however, with all the excitement, I think it will be a restless night!!!!!  (thankfully no labour pains though!!!.....just pains in my bank balance!)

sweet, sugary dreams

XX WendyB  'o)


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Congratulations! Yum, that new car smell!!!

Narelle said...

Hi Wendy, Congratulations can not wait to see a photo of the car when you get it i like the black but the Mountain Grey Meallic sounds even better. I also love the smell of a new car and baby.

quiltinbysea said...

Posted on Wednesday, today is Saturday, gee, I wonder where you have been. lol.....

Congrats Wendy, there is nothing like a new set of wheels and this little baby looks fab.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, hope you win one of the prizes.

Corrie said...

ohhh you lucky duck! we traded in a vw passat which I loved and was so easy to drive for a kia carnival! no luxuries there just 4 anchor points and room for the twin pram! sign....I'll keep dreaming of a posh car again..when I have no babies!