Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Birdcage Challenge Links

  Remember back here, when I said I would give you some links to patterns to join in on Jenny’s and my Birdcage Challenge? Well, I thought it was about time I posted them….. here goes, If you’re into sewing….. 000  Snowy Batting Birdies, woodland lovebirds  woodland love birdies, purlbee sewn-birds-425 hanging birdies, owl_tute_button owl birdies, lovebird more love birdies, christmas_004 and   Christmas birdies. If you’re after bird cages, try these fabric ones……. birdcage 2 birdcage1ps               Or if you’re more into felting, what about…. feltedbirds these felted tweety birdies, image or Robyn’s beautiful Christmas birdy, white eye felted bird or this white-eyed birdy. If you happen to love knitting, try these…. bluebird_op cute blue birdies, crazy kiwi crazy kiwi birdies, edmund knitted owl birdies,   image a solstice birdy or two, birdy1 or some sweet little birdies. If crocheting takes your fancy, take a look at these…. bittersweet birdies bittersweet birdies, crochet-bird-caroline caroline birdies, crochet-bird-peace-dove peace dove birdies Dudley_collage_7eab2 or sweet little Dudley birdy with his suncatcher eyes, and lots more crocheted birdies here But if you’d like to try ribboning, here’s a simple  ribbon birdy too! See, there’s nearly something for everyone! So, now that I’ve whetted your appetite and you really DO want to join us on the Birdcage Challenge, just leave a comment at the end of this post and I’ll add your name to my sidebar and we’ll meet you online! Oh, and don’t forget my DOUBLE GIVEAWAY for my 1st blogiversary!  All you need to do is leave a comment on the Double Giveaway post here and I’ll draw a winner on the 13th! Good luck and fingers crossed! XXX Sugary hugs Wendy :O)


Jessica said...

I wish I could knit, some of the knitted birdies are so cute. Especially the blue bird and the owl!

teresa said...

OMG... the choices!!!! I love some of those little knitted cuties! I want to join in, I haven't completely ruled it out yet! Thanks for all these awesome links too!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hello gorgeous!! Wow - what inspiration! Where do I start???!!! I'd love to join in sweetie but not sure I have the time available to do so at the moment - we shall see!! Let's still hope... :-) Thank you for the inspiration - your enthusiasm is contagious!!

Hugs sweetie! Vikki xoxo

Jenny of Elefantz said...

They are all SO cute!!! I wonder which ones you'll be making???!