Friday, 24 September 2010

Kaffe Giveaway


Thought that would get your attention!!!….

now, if you want to enter, you need to go and visit my good friend Jess at Scrappy ‘n’ Happy and leave a comment before midnight (aest) Saturday 25th September (tomorrow) for one chance, and if you become a follower, you’re up for a second chance to win this……' **editor’s note:  this means you get two chances in the one draw….there are not two prizes!!!  (see…writing late at night and mixing in the terminology ‘giveaway’ makes you say craaaaazy things!!!) LOL


Don’t know why I’m telling you this… only lessens my chances!!!! LOL….but

That’s what friends are for!!!!

XXX Sugary hugs

Wendy :O)


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Thank you Wendy! Looks like I'm having a second place draw too!

Unknown said...

Thanks Wendy! for visiting my blog and for the heads up about this Kaffe fabric giveaway! I've been sewing on my Bernina! Boy! it IS a DREAM come true!