Wednesday 22 September 2010



Well, I thought holidays were meant to mean slowing down….but not around this household!

Hubby’s out of work at the moment, so he’s under my feet and my ‘boy’ has come home for the holidays…with a teen in the house again, I’d forgotten how much time is spent in ‘the taxi’!!!!

I haven’t been totally away from crafty business though…..

…we have a friendship block swap happening in our Guild at the moment…..I’m a bit behind because my sewing machine decided to die rather unexpectedly (not happy seeing as it was only 6 years old!!) so while it’s off at the doctor’s, my sweet decided that he’d surprise me with this…..


a basic model, but sews like a dream!!!  I’m happy again!   Anyhoo, I digress….here is my block….


that I was asked to make based on this one…


I’m more of a blue person, and seeing I had the option of blue, green or purple, I chose the blue one and I’m pleased to say the recipient loved my choice!

I am also working on a secret project at the moment and I can give you a couple of sneakies here….


and here….


I’ll be able to reveal all next week!

And talking about next week, remember this weekend is our Birdcage Challenge with Jenny and me?  It’s not too late to join us.  Just leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list on our sidebars.

This is the fabric I’ve chosen for my birds which I’ll start in the next day or two…..


I know I said I like blue, but lately my preference is RED!!!!  (must be a midlife crisis!!!! LOL)

And finally, I thought I’d invite you to join me (and many others) on a Fall-o-ween Blog Hop.  I am a bit partial to these, they are so much fun and lead you to designer’s blogs you wouldn’t normally find.

falloween bloghop

You can find details here and you must sign up by this Friday.  Come join me and explore the world of Blogland!!!

Sugary hugs

XXX  Wendy  :O)


Jude said...

Like the blue block and it will be handy to have a backup machine.

Narelle said...

Wendy that stitching looks great will be following to see what you have been doing.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Hi Wendy,
My sewing machine nearly died at a class on friday, so it is also off at the doctors.:( I nearly cried when it happened, it is my baby!
So I will be working on a stitchery of mine that has birds in it - hope this is fine for the sew-in.