Monday 27 September 2010

Birdcage Challenge Progress Report #2

So sorry about not keeping you up to date yesterday…..I think Jenny, Blossom and I talked ALL the legs off their chairs and had such fun, we never got time to blog!!!!  …and I was so exhausted last night, I hit the pillow and didn’t even know it!

What an absolutely inspiring day…..I only wish you all could have been there with us…..our chatter would have been heard over the bats that are in plague proportions in Charters Towers!!! LOL

It felt like I was right at home the moment I arrived at Jenny’s….such a beautiful house and family, the photos on her blog don’t do it justice!!!!  Blossom helped me build my cage because we quickly realised more hands were needed!!!!!!

With her help, we quickly got it to this stage….


a bit hard to see, but I decided to go with the round version.  I used tea-stained calico to wrap my cage in….that’s where the fun began…..  Let me just put it this way……I wish they invented a cool version on the hot glue gun….*ouch*!  (I bet Jenny will show photo evidence!!!)



Jenny’s version went off on a different track….because she’s making hers for her house, which is a rental, she can’t add more hooks on to the walls so she decided to use a canvas backing (which you would have seen on her blog) like this….


here’s Jenny using her hot glue gun for the very first time……”watch those fingers, Jenny!!!!!”



not quite finished here but well on the way…


and you can see a picture frame version of her birdcage… creative is this woman!!!!!DSCF1673

We can’t wait to see what your birdy projects have turned out like.  Make sure you send us photos and we’ll post them for us all to oooh and aaah over!. Ours are still ‘on the go’ but will surely be finished in the next couple of days and we’ll show you them, totally finished, real soon!!


All I can say is, these are two wonderful women….very generous of heart and truly beautiful people!  I feel so blessed to have met them and can’t wait to ‘play’ with them again soon!!!!

XXX Sugary hugs

Wendy :O)


Sew Useful Designs said...

Ahhhh sweetie!!! Looks like you had SO much fun! What a beautiful post Wendy - I feel like I was there with you! (And wish I was!!!!)
Loadsa love and hugs sweetie!!!
Vikki xoxoxo :-)

Vicki ♥ said...

I am glad you all had a beaut day and lovely piccies of you all. :) hugs Vicki

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

It sounds like you had great fun! I can't wait to see your cage finished. I will have to take some photos of my stitchery for you.
Thanks for the people photos too, it is nice to put faces with names!

Teresa said...

Wow Wendy, sounds like you had so much fun. Love the photos on yours and Jennys blog. Your birds are so gorgeous. Wish I'd been there with you!

Gloria J W said...

Lovely blog my you know my birdies are still hatching but the cage is ready!! Hugs

Unknown said...

Love the sound of these Birdcages..Glad you had a Great Time with Jenny...looking forward to seeing the cages come together.

Dawn said...

Love the idea of a sew-in together...thanks... sorry to here the pingers got to sore from burns... mine is done and on my blog... thanks for the push to finish it..
hugs Dawn x x x

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day you had. I'm so glad I was able to read both your blogs. You are both so inspiring. I wasn't able to join you in this sew-in but your birds and cage are both so lovely, I hope I can get one done in the near future. Congratulations on a wonderful effort! Just beautiful!!

Jude said...

i like jennies version of the bird cage and now waiting to see yours finished.