Saturday 25 September 2010

Progress report #1

  Hasn’t the day sped by oh so quickly???  I had some general chores to do….washing, shopping and the like, but it was 8pm before I knew it!  Did you find time forgot to stand still today too???  Must be because we’re getting our challenge done, eh???!!! (and doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun??) LOL Ok….here is where I’m at so far…..(and believe it or not, I’m right on target!  yeeehawwww!) ….my birdies are complete – quite shabby… 003 ….and ready to hang, Hubby’s helped me make the rings for my cage and cut the wire and he, being the clever bunny that he is, came up with an easy way to make the rings.  Using the plastic lid from a round laundry hamper, he pegged the wire inside the rim….which was about 44cm diameter, and then just added a couple more centimetres to the measurement!  Soooo much easier if you haven’t made yours yet.  I’m thinking I’m going to leave mine as a round cage…..we’ll see how that thought progresses as the actual making of the cage begins!!!! 002 If you’ve come up with any tricky hints to make your cage (or birdies), leave a comment and we can all learn together!  Remember, there’s no set routine on how you go about making your birdcage and birdies, and I know Dawn’s already made her cage and is making her birdies tomorrow….can’t wait to see what they’re like!!!  Melody’s got her fabric all organised and was making her birdies today.  It’s a little like Christmas, waiting to see what they’re all going to be like….I just love it! I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to pack the car and drive to Charters Towers to meet with Jenny and finish our challenge.  It should take me about 2 hours so I do hope the rain holds off…it’s been good all weekend but there are predictions of storms on  Sunday…..go figure!!!!! Well I better get some shut eye, make a note to self to pack the laptop and camera….and of course the glasses (I’m beginning to feel lost without them lately!!!!). Hope you’re all progressing well.  Chat again tomorrow! XXX Sugary hugs Wendy :O)


Jessica said...

I think I like the round cage idea better. I have been working on my stitchery, wish I had my machine so I could make some birds, yours look really good! Have fun today with Jenny!

Vickie said...

your birdies look awesome..have a fantabulous time with Jenny (so so jealous)cheers Vickie

Fiona said...

Looking good - I wish I had more time this weekend to have joined it but I will try to make a little birdie so I at least feel part of it - Havea wonderful day with Jen XX

Joy said...

Your little birdies are adorable!!! I'm SO SO jealous, would love to join you and Jen for your 'sew-in' ... maybe one day :o), wouldn't that be fun??!!?
Love n hugs
Joy :o)