Tuesday 25 January 2011

A laugh is a smile that bursts *_/*

  It never fails to amaze me, the loving and giving community of bloggers we have around us supporting us when the chips are down. I would assume you are all aware of the flood relief auctions which finished yesterday?  Well my winning bidder of the lovely roll of 3 inch strips of Nancy Halvorsen fabrics was
Shauna from Alberta, Canada! See what I mean????   Bloggyville is a wonderful place full of magnificent caring people who don’t mind supporting people they don’t even know, halfway across the world!  I’d love for you to visit Shana’s blog by clicking on her name above.  She shares some beautiful things and you know she has a beautiful heart when you visit her blog and you are greeted with this lovely quote: Title_1A …isn’t that just gorgeous!!???   Made a smile come to my lips straight away!  Thanks Shauna….on behalf of Queensland, we loves ya! Must share some quickies I made the other day…..I had the stitching urge but wanted some quick gifts to put away for ‘a rainy day’…..you know, those times when you have an unexpected celebration but nothing on hand????  Well, these aren’t for those ‘big’ events, but I’ve already given two away and they were very warmly received…. 005
I started with these…. 001 …..and within the hour, I’d had the eight of them snug as a bug in a rug!   Great standby gift!  The pattern was in  the Fall 2009 edition of Quilts and More.  It’s a great way to use up some scraps! opam2011 You may have noticed the new OPAM 2011 blog button on my sidebar….nominations opened today so I recommend you go on over to Peg or Kris’s blog to sign up….it’s only open to the first 200 bloggers so you better be quick!   I found it to be a fantastic way to motivate me to, at least, get something crafty done each month and keep on track!  Go on, sign up…..you know you want to! Sugary hugs XXX Wendy :0)


Allie said...

Yay Shauna - yep, bloggy buddies are the best! Love your little gifts, perfect to have on hand.

Shauna said...

I am so lucky to have won this... I can't wait to get it in the mnail... Not sure what I am going to make of this, but I am thinking this Granny Square Quilt that I have been eyeing.