Thursday 6 January 2011

The Biggest Giveaway Ever!!!!!


I reckon you would have heard about this one by now…….everyone’s shouting about it from the hilltops because it’s such a spectacular giveaway, from a bunch of fantastically nutty characters for a very very worthy cause!!!!!!

Wanna win this ENTIRE set of Springtime patterns valued at over $120AUD????

From them you can create this beauty…

and if you don’t win, you know you can purchase your lot here knowing your supporting a most worthy cause in collaboration with some very sweet nutters!

But for your chance to win, you need to click on the pattern giveaway button above and follow the directions.  

And in true Aussie fashion, it will be drawn on Australia Day…..January 26th.

Good luck…..but not too much…..I’d like a bit of a chance!!!! hehehe

Sugary hugs

XXX Wendy 8O)

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diane brides said...

I have so much wanted to do a quilt for myself. gosh this would be it.

Gloria J W said...

Morning Miss Wendy...I'm just popping in to ask please may I join the 2011 challenge to get at least something finished....I think I could be the Queen of unfisished things. My babies will always be babies and never leave home!!! This has got to be stopped.. otherwise I will be the original lady living in the shoe!! Hugs Gloris
PA,,this has all be done with NO EYES.. tomorrow they should be better.

Blue Quill said...

I so love your work. I love looking at lovely homes with this mom's best designs.

Not, the houses are getting modern and an office is inseparable from the look of the house. very tiring. I am glad you still love designs that reminds of childhood.

Awesome mind and hands.

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