Tuesday 18 January 2011

Better late than never…


I had the best news yesterday……my SSCS gift finally arrived at its destination – Portugal – yesterday!!!!!   I had given up hope for poor Noemia who has been waiting patiently since November and I had almost lost faith in the postal system !!!!

Here is what I made Noemia….

Stars of Bethlehem

I’ve copied the photo from Noemia’s blog as my photos were nowhere near as good as hers!!!   It is the table runner that was in Creating Country Threads Christmas Special Vol 11 No 3 by Karen Gledhill.






…and the ornament was inspired by one of the stitcheries on the corner of the runner….I just personalised it a little…can you see I used Cottage Garden variegated thread??   My favourite at the moment!

Chooky assured me it WOULD get there…..but I was unsure……thanks Chooky for your unwavering belief in the posty….I now have a renewed faith in him too…the world over!

You’ve probably also read about another bloggy friend of mine who came to visit me on the weekend here.

It never ceases to amaze me how you can go through a boring period in your life and then suddenly, you meet someone new who you just seem to ‘click’ with. Jenny is one of those people and she has come to mean a great deal to me.  I have such great admiration for her, her values, respect for others, her understanding and thoughtfulness, her unselfish ways, her forward thinking , her love for her family,  her creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’ and her inspiration to me and others.   it is something special when you can laugh, cry and talk non-stop for hours and it feels like only minutes and when the day is up, you don’t want it to end….and all this after only three face-to-face meetings.   I’m so thankful to have met Jenny through blogging…..I know you know what I mean!!!  Friendships forged here are truly special!

Poor Bloss couldn’t make it but Jen and dear Mr Elefantz made the trek downhill to the Burdekin and with the help of a rough mudmap, found their way to my house.

Jen brought me some lovely gifts…….

a beautiful make-up/lingerie bag  (I think I’ll use it for make up….a bit old for lingerie!!!! LOL)007

I wish you had smell-o-puter….the lovely rose fragranced soap is amazing….010

and a very special apron that Jen talked about here


but Blossom left her mark with her own little stamp of creativity…


Like Mother, like daughter…..you two little creative bunnies, you!!!!

With the flood relief on my mind, I’ve been working on this to send to those who have lost all their worldly creative goodies, with the thought that they know that despite not being there to help, we are definitely “with” them




If you can, visit the Gum Tree Designs Flood Appeal to see how you can help too.

and don’t forget…….the Flood Appeal Auctions organised by the lovely Toni and her sister….I’m auctioning this HUGE roll of Nancy Halverson fabric



…which you can bid on here.

Now is not the time to forget about each other, especially when we CAN do something to help another person….anywhere, anytime!

Sugary hugs

XXX Wendy  :0)


Highland Monkey's said...

Love your quilting. I have a soft spot for hand embroidery and have also added it to one of my quilts.

Noémia said...

Wendy, more than taking part of the SSCS, this year, we have a story to tell and double joy!Thank you to make me so happy this January Christmas. :)
And after reading your postage, I see that world became small every day. Jenny, your best friend was my Angel swap 2009. It's amazing, isn't it? :)

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

You lucky thing, getting all those lovely presents!
I like the set you have made for the New Beginnings. I wonder if mine are too simple.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your SSCS for Noemia is just so beautiful I am so pleased it has turned up...How lucky you were to meet Jen and you were totally spoilt as well....your stitching goodies are just lovely Wendy...

Allie said...

Well thank goodness - better late than never! It would truly be awful if you beautiful gift never arrived!~
So glad you and Jenny got to spend the day together - she truly is special, and so are you.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the table runner...........I am so pleased it arrived....just took the scenic route to get to Noemia..........
thanks for being part of the swap.......

szkornelia said...

What a pretty SSCS present. :) Better late then never.