Tuesday 4 January 2011



Yesterday we were congratulating Tich on her wonderful win in the Quilting Pattern Magazine Subscription competition from last month, but so were 5 others!!!!!!!  She was the very lucky recipient of five prizes so she has graciously passed in her win and offered it back to be redrawn so some other lucky commenter can have the chance….so here goes…..random number generator thingy, do your stuff………and the winner is…

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Comment Number 26

Donna Joy;  “The magazine is great would love to win and get this online, it would be a great space saver and love the PDF and no over lapping lines to interfere while tracing.”

Who said we never get second chances????????  Congratulations Donna Joy and I’ll be in contact with you soon!


I had my first finish for the year which has been ‘in the closet’ for about the past eight years……


I had forgotten all about these until I was sorting through all mu ‘stuff’ and writing my list for the Sew It’s Finished challenge.  (You can read more about it here.)  Now they finally have found their place….not in the kitchen as was originally planned, but the craft room is certainly looking much happier for its new acquisition!!!!! 

I’ve also been trying to catch up on Kaaren’s Raggedy Ann and Andy BOM…….I’d started to organise myself with this and partway through last year I found I couldn’t access the 4shared site anymore so I gave up. After countless hours of trying to get access granted from my computer’s security settings and whatever I could think of (I thought these ‘beasts’ were supposed to make life easier!!!!#$!#$)

Must be because I have been on holidays and I can think a little more clearly but a brainwave came to me…….Try Mozilla Firefox as a browser instead of Internet Explorer…..and do you know it worked!!!???  So, if you’re having trouble accessing some sites, try a different browser…..it might just work!!!!

And here’s my first block ……… done!……..


………………………….and I am happy!!!!!

Now….onto my list!!!!  I can see a birth sampler about to be born!!!!!

XXX  Sugary hugs

Wendy  8O)


Joy said...

Wow .... Tich must be on a real winning streak lol!!! Congratulations to Donna Joy too :o).
Love your Raggedy block, I've got that BOM saved in my "One Day" folder, I think it's absolutely adorable :o). Kaaren is one clever lady :o).
Do love your curtain you clever stitcher you!! It looks great :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Allie said...

Tich better buy a lottery ticket, lol - wow~ How gracious of her to give up a win like hat - congrats to Donna Joy! Wendy I love your new curtains, so cheery and vintagey, darling little flowers.

I use Mozilla all the time - I was having so much trouble with blogs using IE, and since I switched I've had no trouble at all. Good for you to persevere!

Joy McD said...

Argh! I have been trying and trying to download those pattens, and it won't let me! And I use firefox...! Any other thoughts? I suppose I should just email her... sigh...
Your first block looks absolutely gorgeous!

tich said...

Glad you were able to redraw. The curtains look wonderful