Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Calm before the storm

  083 This was what greeted me as I left my house this morning to go to school  to help move things away from windows, unplug electrical items, computers, interactive whiteboards, phones etc in preparation for Cyclone Anthony this evening. It is predicted to cross within 100km of us so we are expecting lots of rain and some strong winds….it is currently only a category 1 with the possibility of it developing into a category 2 before it crosses the coast.  Currently, at a category 1, it is travelling at 120km/hr .  A category 2 storm travels between 125-165km/hr.  You can follow Anthony’s movements here. But at the moment, it is really eerie…..things are calm….there are no birds flying about, the air is relatively still seeing a cyclone is nearing us, the sky is dull and there is little movement about the town.  The car dealers in the main street have moved their display vehicles out of their premises and now, it’s just a waiting game! But we aren’t too concerned with TC Anthony……he’s only a little bubba.  There is a prediction….forecast… it what you will…..for a larger cyclone to hit later in the week.  A low currently northwest of Fiji is forecast to develop into a tropical cyclone and move west into the region on Tuesday.  Reports say it could be category 4 or 5…..travelling at over 225km/hr, we could be in for a wild ride!!! Well, with all this build up, what is a girl to do?????  Sew, of course!!! 005 007 008Here’s some sneakies of my Vintage Turnovers flimsy I told you about.  I’ve finished the top, now to sandwich and quilt.  That will be done next weekend!   You can get your own freebie pattern here.  Thanks for pointing us in the right direction Khris!!! And I’ve been catching up on some Raggedy stitching too….  onto stitcheries for block 3…… 011 Wind’s starting to pick up and the rain’s beginning to fall…..I’d better think about getting off the computer! Sugary hugs XXX Wendy :o)


Karen said...

Good luck over the next week with the forecast weather. It's hard having to wait to see what happens, so sewing is a great way to use the time as long as there is a power supply.
The quilt and the stitchery look great!

Allie said...

Oh be safe Wendy - I am praying for you and Jenny - keep on sewing, your quilt is looking so lovely!

Marilyn said...

Love your quilt.
Hope all goes ok up there with these cyclones. Take care and keep safe.