Monday 30 September 2013

How’s your B-L Stash coming along?

Remember tomorrow is the draw for the Birthday-Love Stash……how is yours coming along??? 

I’ve been working on these deep-dish pincushions and getting them finished……

034 (Medium)

but other than that, all that’s been happening at my place has been LOADS of de-cluttering…..and it feels good!

I’m missing my sewing, and I’ve got a couple of blocks in the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-A-Long to catch up on, but I’ll get there, little by little….I’m off to cut block 13 out now and then stitch it tomorrow night….well, that’s the plan anyway.  

I’m finding it easier to think a little more clearly now that the area I work in isn’t so messy… you find that too???  It’s even nice to sit down at my desk now…..Love that feeling!!!!  And I’ve even given myself permission to not expect it all to be done…….YESTERDAY!!!!….and you know what??   It get’s done faster that way!  It’s wonderful!

Anyway, I’m off to cut out blocks……if you haven’t already signed up for some Birthday-Love, you can read about it HERE and then click on the link on my sidebar to take you to the sign-up page, and you’ll see this month’s prize too.  I’ll be drawing the winner tomorrow evening (before I sew those blocks together!!! *wink*)

Sugary hugs xo :o)

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De said...

Looking good Wendy! I think I will just put my very recently finished needlecase into my present box!

retdairyqueen said...

Great pin cushions Wendy Love them xx

Kate said...

Clever pin cushions.

Lin said...

I like your pin cushions - will the pockets at the side hold a reel of thread?

Anonymous said...

Your pincushions are the cutest! Sadly, my snowman is only half done, and I really, really thought I could get ONE thing done! But in fairness, I did help my son move 300 miles - actual lifting and toting and driving help, and a few other things went on this month. I'm going to try again, though!